Rabbit Mine !

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21 Apr 2011 at 11:45 (Minor update on 20 Jun 2011)

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MilloCz (More uploads by MilloCz)
Tileset conversion
Pekka Kana 2 for tileset, IV4N for music, Me for conversion + bg
Rabbit Mine-re.zip (296.61 kB)

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RabbitMineEX.j2l Rabbit Mine EX 9.98 kB 21 Apr 2011
Rabbit Mine.j2t Rabbit Mine 68.59 kB 21 Apr 2011
Ii2m08.j2b Rain falling down 210.97 kB 09 Apr 2011


Wow, it’s finished! It took me less than 1 hour!
I added also some sweet kittenz from Catz + one digimon to make npcs usefull for SP levels :)

Level Storyline
After some years Jazz decided to explore old abandoned mines. He meets also some cat friends in there.

(Version fix. ~Violet.)(Converted ~Millo.)(Version reverted accordingly. ~Violet)


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RecommendedReview by EggsBaconSausage

5 May 2011, 21:40 (edited 5 May 11, 22:02)
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Ah, Pekka Kana 2. An obscure platformer I’ve never heard about. :P After a quick Google search, I’d probably take my time to download it some day, just not now. But we’re after JJ2, amirite?

Note: The example level is quite good and all, however it doesn’t make a lot of justice to the possibilities of the tileset (to the point of not using the shaded tiles right as in the original game), but again, it’s all about the tileset!

It’s hard to review a tileset when most of the art has not been made by you, although that doesn’t prevent it from having an acceptable look… Yes, the tileset looks good, albeit somewhat lacking for Jazz’s standards – it even seems to lack some tiles from the original game. Because of this it’ll require some ingenuity to use properly. Other than that, you’ve made quite a good job converting it.
As for the npcs, I’m not sure if throwing some kittens and a random digimon (what was its name again? Bleh!) may have been the wisest of decisions, but well, the chicken is still there. Again, use your imagination.
I’ve also noticed that some of the background art from the original game (And the waterfalls – where are my waterfalls!?) is missing, but then Haunted House missed one too (Aside from a pillar and that weird noise-like thing), and it’s still a great tileset. Once again, ingenuity.
You’ve made a good job masking the tileset, by the way, although I’ve found a couple of floating bit issues – namely in one cobweb and one of the dark dirt background tiles, but other than that it’s all fine.

Let’s make a list:
-Text sign? Check.
-Star blocks? Check.
-Exit sign? Somethin akin, check.
-Locked Blocks? Pekka already had some, so check.
-Eyecandy? Missing background aside, there are grass, flowers, a mushroom, stones, vines, fences, even animated tall grass! Yes, check.
-Spikes? Hmm, I guess those fans will do, so check.
-Hooks? Um, those vines may do. Check.
-Actual vines? Missing.
-”!” and weapon-specific blocks? Missing.
-Sucker tubes? Missing, albeit not necessary.
-H and V poles? Uh-oh,missing.
-Belts? There’s a conveyor belt, but it’s static, so missing!
-Background? Mis-oh wait…

Yes, this tileset lacks some essential stuff, but hey, 7 out of 12 is not that bad! It has enough stuff to go. Yet again, guess what? Imagination!

This tileset is asking you to use your brains in order to use it properly (read: make a level that’s fit for JJ2). Sure, it may have its quirks and flaws, but it has its possibilities as well, as long as it’s used well. In a nutshell, it’s perfectly usable.

DR: Yes, why not.

(This is my first serious review. Please be kind.)

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