Blizzard Peak

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10 May 2011 at 19:38 (Minor update on 2 Dec 2017)

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Blizzard (1.43 MB)

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Readme.txt 3.51 kB 06 Apr 2012
Blizzard peak.j2l Blizzard Peak 14.81 kB 06 Apr 2012
HolidaiusStorm.j2t Holidaius Storm 214.02 kB 20 Jan 2007 --Blizzard Peak-- 1455.51 kB 22 Apr 2011


Here it is. My little snowy mountain adventure.


Edit: Sir Ementaler has discovered that it IS possible to beat Blizzard Peak with Spaz, so to my chagrin, I have added a Spaz start location to the level. :P


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Quick Reviews Average: 8

RecommendedSlaz rated 8

A challenging level where you battle against the the many wind events more than anything else. The carrots and savepoints make it forgiving enough. The aesthetics portray a blizzard excellently, and the module music is fitting and actually written for this level. The boss was interesting yet quite easy if you have the Toaster PU.

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RecommendedReview by Bloody_Body

23 Mar 2018, 18:20 (edited 25 Mar 18, 15:31)
Bee Boy Swarm (36 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings32 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness93%

A very challenging level. Or, probably, it seems so to such a butterfingers as me :D

Well, the level is challenging and at the same time it’s rather small so that’s why it isn’t tiring. What I loved most of all is a new gameplay the level offeres. You have to climb the mountain in spite of the strong winds. Obviously, it would be pretty easy to accomplish if there either were no pits or no wind. However, lots of wide platforms would prevent your falling from the top of the level to its bottom.

When I finally reached the top of the peak and encountered a boss I was surprised by the fact that boss restores his health after you fall down from the battle area. I wondered whether it was a bug or a feature. Only after accomplishing the level I took upon myself to read the readme file that explained everything. Anyway, it is clever and inventive usage of game’s limitations of the distance where the object can be active.

Nice, original and challenging level. Download recommendation!

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RecommendedReview by GreenTechB

7 Nov 2011, 16:15 (edited 7 Nov 11, 16:18)
CTF Bug (5 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings5 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

i liked your level what you had uploaded some days ago, so i thought i’ll look for more stuff and i found out, that i like your levels :) this map has a really good atmosphere, the tileset is good also. the music also fits well with the map. i see, you like these wind effects. in this one, it is better than new world, frustrating but a good challenge :) the favourite things in this level are the windy outside and safe-cave-inside switches and the boss fight at the top. good work!

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Review by Seren

20 Mar 2012, 11:10
Bee Boy Swarm (47 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings14 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness76%

I just wanted to mention I finished this level as Spaz without much trouble and I didn’t even have to wall jump. The only impossible obstacle on my way was the stupid box you put Spaz start in – after removing it the level is perfectly possible though. I’m able to repeat and record it if there’s a need to, but I hope my word about whether a jj2 level is beatable or not became trustworthy enough by now.

Sorry for saying it so late, I actually did it a day after you uploaded this level but then I suddenly forgot about it.

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