Syobon Action

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2 Jun 2011 at 17:08 (Minor update on 19 Jul 2011)

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Thomas (More uploads by Thomas)
Single player
Thomas, Nintendo (for Mario), Whoever made Syobon Action, his documation is in japanese and I can't seem to find search resultes for it.)
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)

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SybonW11.j2l Syobon Action 1-1 2.23 kB 03 Jun 2011
SybonW12.j2l Syobon Action 1-2 2.56 kB 02 Jun 2011
SybonW13.j2l Syobon Action 1-3 2.46 kB 03 Jun 2011
SybonW14.j2l Syobon Action 1-4 2.04 kB 03 Jun 2011
Syobon.j2l Syobon Action 1.27 kB 02 Jun 2011
SyobonEnd.j2l Syobon Action TheEnd 2.06 kB 02 Jun 2011
Syobon-Action.j2t Syobon-Action 17.80 kB 01 Jun 2011
makaimura.mp3 362.42 kB 20 May 2011
puyo.mp3 326.50 kB 20 May 2011
spelunk.mp3 599.56 kB 20 May 2011
star4.mp3 80.58 kB 20 May 2011
titerman.mp3 613.47 kB 01 Jun 2011


  • Spoiler alert for Syobon Action*

Syobon Action is a Mario Parody game, only everything is out to kill you.

Since this place is flooded with Mario levels. I figured that this would be a nice edition for the stack.

-Includes all 4 levels of Syobon Action.
-2 bonus levels, an optional level that hands out lives (even more if you play on easy) and an end level to give you congratulations for completing it.)
-Tile set has all but one block in the game. (the bridge that the end boss stand on. I used an unused block instead since I already made that far into creating the levels)
-Includes every character in the game as well as Mario and a few unused characters.

and yes some things are lost in the translation.


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SpR rated 6.0

Haha, good I’ve finished the game not long ago :D So i know most of the traps. Well, the level isn’t perfect, but it has the Catmario’s climate :) Most of the traps are alright. Good job!! The tileset is made very well.

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