Magically Abnormal Playground

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3 Jun 2011 at 19:16 (Minor update on 28 Jun 2011)

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Jgke (More uploads by Jgke)
Capture the flag
Nerd for huge amount of feedback, JJB for testing, Violet CLM for the tileset, <a href="">Artificial Fear</a> for the music.
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)

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xlmMAP.j2l Magically Abnormal Playground 9.68 kB 28 Jun 2011
MedvioD.j2t MedvioD 112.00 kB 25 Mar 2011


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This is my entry for SJ’s contest. I think I managed to iron out the bugs with the hours spent online testing with Nerd :)

Funny, both my good levels were for SJ’s contests.

E: Thanks, file preview. Tilebug fixed.
E2: Major change, added a text event containing the credits :D
E3: Ah, and now the level is 1.23 ;)
E4: Small bugfixes considering both gameplay and eyecandy.
E4b: Aand 1.23.
E5: Preventing taking the +1 carrots with the copter, thanks Cell! Also, 1.23 straight away.
E6: Minor fix in eyecandy, modified carrots so that they can be dropped, +1’s can be taken from below when shot down, fullc can be dropped to pit with toaster.
E7: Fixed tilebugs, fixed severe bug due to the previous update.

Hmm, maybe FawFul was right after all, maybe this is a bit too complicated level.
The level has one full carrot and two +1 carrots, four PU’s, of which the two are located in tubes in the lower parts of the level. The +1 carrots are located in the same tubes, and the warp which can be used to access them is located at the tree over the bases. The crate in the lowest part of the level triggers the floor from the bouncer PU, which then might warp an unfortunate enemy to the pit below the crate. This also drops the bouncer PU to the middle carrot. There is a seeker PU at the coin warp, which is directly upwards from the copter.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 7.5

Quite a simple level. Gameplay promises to be very hectic and fast paced, due to the abundance of PUs over quite a small area. The 2 +1 carrots do somewhat balance this out though. It may not appeal to those looking for more sophisticated gameplay, but this is a solid choice for those looking for a quick, violent duel.

RecommendedCobra NF rated 8

This is A great lvl,PU placement:good


Recommendedusbkauno rated 10

GG, as good eyecandy as in other jj2 lvls usually… Nice placement of bases

Recommended>CelL< rated 7

This new CTF by Jake level has a lot of interesting ideas in it – probably too much of ‘em, in all honesty, so I’m afraid it’s ended up feeling rather stuffed and overly complicated for its small size. The layout and other technical aspects are pretty solid though, so I’m tempted to say the good outweighs the bad. Give this one a try.

RecommendedZoro rated 7.5

I happened to play in ZD…

This is nice level and eyecandy are good made…

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