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Micky (More uploads by Micky)
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Parrot aka RIP Micky
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What is JazzCity?

Jazz is the city of JazzCity, but Devan is escaped of the cell of the police station and SWAT that the city of JazzCity!

RedRazz is my brother!

Devan is fleeing the city because of JazzCity and then look for Devan!
-4 items are available: 3 color cards, Data disc (underwater)

Watch out bad guys attack other enemies of the city of JazzCity!

-35 levels
-3 tilesets
-No Lori’s allowed!
-Random musics (i dont know how to good music)
Size: 10.7MB
Filename: JJ2Ep4_JazzCity.zip (dropblox are better)

Q: You got access violation?
A: Try delete “JazzCity.j2e” on your jj2 folder

Thank for dowloading and playing! :)
Sorry for my bad english

UPDATE 14/3/2013: JJ2 Episode Packs (all episodes)
Link: http://jj2episodepack2010.de.vu/


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Not recommendedguyisbackable rated 10

Thanks, Micky.

stellaantoine rated N/A

I can’t download, dropbox and the other link doesn’t work

[Don’t rate files you can’t download.]

RecommendedIron rated 10

Good Job Mickey,And I Wanna Tell You SomeThing
Parrot Said This Story Made By Him And Now You Saying Its By You So I Wanna An Answer For This Question
(Who Made This Level?) And Thank You

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Review by Tweeky

20 Jul 2011, 11:04
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

its TSF but no Lori allowed…GReaT >.<

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Review by Micky

4 Aug 2011, 11:29 (edited 4 Aug 11, 11:31)
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness37%

Thank you very much :)

2.5? nice fake comment

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RecommendedReview by FOX292

24 Jul 2011, 22:00 (edited 24 Jul 11, 23:55)
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness54%


Why I have a feeling that you originally made this lvls for 1.23, and then converted it to TSF? Hmmmm……

Anyway, i said that this pack looks fine. I downloaded it, extractrd to my JJ2 folder, played, and now it’s time for review.

Nice. I don’t know what to say about it, you made not only a SP episode, but also a very nice tileset based on(I assume! I don’t know if the list is true.) JJ1 Industrial, JJ2 Beach, Townhouse, Miracle Of Sun, Hotel dream and other stuff that you know. I liked this combination. You made a very original design of the levels here, even though some of the levels has repeatitive design and, if you consider the size of some of those levels – it became annoying. Also, trigger blocks mid-air doesn’t look so good, but I assume that this is the part of the levels you used it. This is not a masterpiece, but this pack looks fine. Almost none tilebugs.

Gameplay was also fine. A lot of levels here are very large, whats mean some time to spend here, and have good enemy, items and obstacle placement. The thing I liked here is the non-linearity of the gameplay. You have to find a lot crates scattered beyont any level to open certain locked zones, and in some levels you’ll have to collect items(cards/cds)…. Quite reminds me Campaign Mysteries, btw. The thing that I dont liked, is the repeatitivity of thie gameplay, A LOT OF LEVELS REPEAT THEMSELVES! and if you consider the size of some of those levels – it became annoying. VERY ANNOYING. Also, you got too much long and annoying cutscenes(like: elevators, ships and helis) that quite bore me. People like action. not watching. You got TV for that.

Quite good story, but very unoriginal. Devan Shell is too much banal…. Also, I didn’t understand a lot of things you wrote in text strings. You have to do something with your english.

In most levels the music fit the level. However, Melon.mod is not suitable with Police stations, and a very annoying ambient sounds in the helicopter levels could make a man a psycho. But although, you did a nice job.

Final: 8.5+8.5+6.5+7.5 = 31/4 =7.75 ~ 7.7.

DR: Yes. This pack have potential, and you have it. Keep making levels!

P.S. Don’t know how to use the right music? Download good levels. A lot. The best levelmakers know what hey are doing. And also, The best way to advance yourself is to learn from the best ones. Also, you can use Modarchive.com for mods.

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