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24 Jul 2011 at 14:10 (Minor update on 30 Mar 2018)

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Loon (More uploads by Loon)
Capture the flag
Noka for the tileset, Necros for the music (Thx Fox.)
Fukushima2018.zip (641.65 kB)

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xlmnuclear.j2l Fukushima 10.23 kB 30 Mar 2018
xlmnuclearedit.j2l Fukushima 9.05 kB 30 Mar 2018
Noka - Labrat 2.j2t Noka - Labrat 2 199.78 kB 07 Oct 2006
Noka - Labrat 5.j2t Noka - Labrat 5 199.21 kB 07 Oct 2006
stint.mod 373.39 kB 03 Apr 2011
xlmnuclearedit.j2as 0.28 kB 30 Mar 2018


This is a small level for the Duel Tournament Level Contest. I made it in a few days. Had to edit some stuff and now it’s done.

The level is called ‘Fukushima’ because the level has an eyecandy similar to that one of a callopsed building. There was an earthquake in Japan, so I thought that’d be an equal name for the level. Because of the Nuclear powerplant.

The level itself has a great layout, eyecandy and gameplay.

It has 3 powerups.

To make it a real duel map I placed two carrots which gives you 1 heart. The timers has been set to 19. Maybe too high, we’ll see.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy and rate this level.

Special thanks to:
FawFuL, PurpleJazz, SuperJazz, Snooze, DarkSonic, LaroB and DL, maybe others.


Major update 30-03-2018:

Added a lite version of Fukushima. Reduced layer speeds in both maps.
The original version had some eyecandy issues which would resolve in some bad gameplay.
That’s why I have darkened some layer 4 eyecandy and changed the palette of the original map.

Dunno what else I’ve fixed to be honest :$.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.5

RecommendedDarkLight rated 8.5

well, i dont know what to type. first thing which is important imo is that this is playable. i played some duels there. second thing is eyecandy. Hm, i think it suits to everything, and i dont have a nystagmus. third – it is a bit small level. (thats why 8.5) and at the end i want to say – good job :D

RecommendedLaro B. rated 8.0

Did a duel level with Loon here, nice and unique use of the tileset, the eyecandy can confuse you sometimes when you play some duels in it. However, the gameplay is fine and fast.
Download recommended for those who look for a fast paced duel.

Recommendedmarinata_1997 rated 9.0

Good job,i can see a good tileset!Sorry for my bad english!

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.6

Review by FOX292

24 Jul 2011, 23:45
CTF Bug (4 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings4 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness54%

The one who made the music is Necros. You can see it on the File Preview of the music.

3 of 3 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by ThunderWalker

27 Jul 2011, 09:58 (edited 28 Jul 11, 20:22)
Bee Boy Swarm (38 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings38 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness54%

Full review after playing here, which is obviously more accurate.

Eyecandy: The eyecandy is very good. Everything works and Loon used some interesting tricks with the background. In singleplayer there is a huge layer 8 tilebug, but I don’t really care considering it (somehow) does not appear in any form of multiplayer.

Great choice. It fits the level very well.

Flow: I had absolutely no issues with the flow. A few RFtricks scattered around, and there is no bias between Jazz/Spaz/Lori though I found not much use for the Copter (but that’s normal in duels, anyway). Base placement is allright.


Pickup placement.
Most pickups are well-placed. However, upper C and Seek PU are in close proximity to eachother, just like the lower C with the Bouncy PU. Both tend to be campy, but the Seek PU more because it is placed in a deadend, while the bouncy PU can be taken from the other side and then you can run to the warp. But at the Seek PU, a good camper can get a decisive advantage, especially if he just killed his opponent. However, he can’t keep camping because this level has two C’s.

Replay Value:
It is a good level. Everything works and this level is fast-paced (except that upper left spot with the Seek PU) once both players have all PU’s and have an aggressive nature in the game.
Still, lack of real orginality in this level and especially its flow shows through at moments. It is just another assymetric CTF level well-suited for duels, but it is a good one nonetheless.


Penalties: Zero.


DR: Yes. Like most entries to the Duel level tournament, the level has a high-quality, and no really serious issues.

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