Tricky Carrots

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4 Aug 2011 at 22:02 (Minor update on 7 Aug 2011)

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The dboy (More uploads by The dboy)
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Tricky Carrots.j2l Tricky Carrots 11.59 kB 07 Aug 2011


Long time member, even longer time Jazzer but very infrequent uploader as this is only my second single player upload (my other one is called Devious Diamonds if you want to take a look!!)

And so I present to you Tricky Carrots. Just a couple of things to say: there is LOTS of stuff in this level. And I mean lots. Many points, many gems and many coins. You are likely to get a very large number of points and if this is likely to be something you won’t like, then this level isn’t for you.

That doesn’t mean to say it is easy though. The enemy placement is sufficient enough to be a challenge and even I lose a few hearts every now and then.

But above all, enjoy! And think of it this way: the challenge of this level is as much to get as many points and discover all the hidden areas as it is to get the enemies!!!


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Review by The dboy

7 Aug 2011, 09:27
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Hi, thanks for the review.

The thing you mentioned about Jazz was an error on my part, his start position was put in the wrong place – that has now been fixed.

Just a word about some of the things you mention. I’m a little confused about the ‘need to get hit’ part. Surethere are places where you lose hearts due to enemy placement, but as I recall there are few carrotsin the level and no save points.

As for using demons, fair point, but with Carrotus you seem to be very limited to lizards and turtles (I thought the dragons seemed to fit in fairly well) but I wanted a bit of a change by that point.

Other than that, thanks for an honest review. I don’t make and design levels for the purpose of getting full marks for everything, I do so because I enjoy it and hope that people enjoy playing them. This level won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I guess that’s the way it goes sometimes.

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Review by byggemester

17 Oct 2011, 13:48 (edited 17 Oct 11, 13:53)
Frog (15 Points)
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Hey dboy, I just played your level “Tricky Carrots” and it was a delight to see someone new to making levels like I used to be. Your level reminds me of when I first started playing jazz jackrabbit 2 and started experimenting with level making many years ago as a kid. Good memories! Therefore, I think it was funny to play your level!

I don’t think your level was THAT bad. On top of my head is the lack of checkpoints. When you die (like I did several times), you have to start all over which is boring and kind of annoying. Try to put more checkpoints spread around the level and it will be a much better experience to play.

So, why did I even die in the first place with all the incredible rabbit skills I have? Uff, your enemy placement was a little tough for poor Spazz. He was mutilated several times by unforeseen demons, monkeys and what not without any chance of preventing or even assessing the situation. Particularly after coming out of sucker tubes, there are some bestial monsters waiting to attack. It’s an unfortunate destiny. Spazz didn’t like that at all. Spazz likes when he has an opportunity to prevent damage and thus have the possibility of beating the whole level without being hit and be an awecool hero. Unfortunately, he hadn’t this chance in this level. It hurt his self-confidence! So, in the future, I’d try to place the monsters better to prevent dying no matter what.

Goodies and ammo. The abundance thereof must be a very enriching experience for Spazz, but, uh, unfortunately, it doesn’t add to the fun. What’s even the point in collecting all those coins when you don’t even need the place you go with enough coins, when you have more than enough ammo without? I think it’s awesome to be striving after ammo – to always be searching for ammo, that you have to fight to get ammo – and use it sparsely to keep it. Therefore: I’d place a hell of a lot less ammo (and all that food/beverage is just making Spazz a little fatty; no need for it ;)) and only place ammo that is actually suitable and useful in the given situation.

‘Eyecandy’-wise, I think, uh, there’s something to be working on. That’s a good thing! You can actually improve and become a better person. The seemingly randomly placed background entities are, uh, distracting at the best. They don’t exactly add to the ‘Lets kick some ass’-atmosphere. On the other hand, it makes the level unconventional and a bit of a rule breaker, it spices the level up (but in a bad way, I’m afraid).

I am no professional/advanced reviewer but I thought it would be good to give feedback to a seemingly new level maker like I used to be as a kid.
I admit I thought it was actually funny to play the map, but again, I am no practised JJ2 player and I just play it every once in a while for fun. Despite the linear level progression and what not, it was cool for a newbie level. Therefore, I give you a 3. Have a good day!

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