Firestorm Bay

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30 Aug 2011 at 07:47 (Minor update on 30 Aug 2011)

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ColdMetal (More uploads by ColdMetal)
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Battle_Firestorm_JJ2+.j2l Firestorm Bay 5.79 kB 29 Aug 2011
7th Lava Fall.j2t 7th Lava Fall 345.14 kB 25 Aug 2011 Twins Chris & Liz 390.19 kB 29 Aug 2011


A little about myself: I’ve been aware of the J2O community for a while, but this is the first time I’ve uploaded anything. While this is not my first level, the others were lost, so this is my first foray into JCS after quite some time.

Now, concerning Firestorm Bay: the map is relatively small, and specifically designed for battles between four players or so, as well as for duels. Last Rabbit Standing is also a recommended game mode. There are actually eight individual Multiplayer Level Start points in case there are more players than the recommended number. Due to being out in a bay filled with lava, which can be accidently fallen into, JJ2+ is required for this level to function properly, as it makes use of instakill pits in the lava.

There is some ammo scattered about the level, as well as two carrots, but a shortage of cargo imports has made supplies scarce in the facility and has also resulted in an absence of weapon powerups. There will not be enough ammo to go around if there are too many players on the server. Each weapon type and placement in the level has been carefully chosen to allow an advantage in the right situations, and also to not be accidently knocked into the lava.

Due to the intense heat of the lava in the bay, the lower foundations of the facility (the walls of which are marked by black and yellow stripes) are very heavily reinforced. Not even Electro Blaster shots will be able to break through them.

The arm of the crane on the far right side of the level can be stood on, although caution is advised to avoid being knocked into the lava bay. The hook itself is also not possible to hang from.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.2

Recommendedcooba rated 7.2

Nice to see how much thought went into making this. Very competently done eyecandy, but the music doesn’t fit, so not very atmospheric. No powerups + 2 slowly spawning carrots is pretty well balanced, could use more ammo or fastfires though. Some small frustrating things like the keep x springs and the flow of the crate area. Overall pretty good!

RecommendedDuke rated 9.2

This is a pretty good map man. Yes the map maybe small but the weapon placement is very good, and the eyecandy…1 bug +. Overall map’s good (i like where have u put the carrot ;) But u could still put some power-ups.

Regards from RC Duke

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Review by Ktos.

1 Sep 2011, 17:28 (edited 1 Sep 11, 22:42 by cooba)
Bee Boy Swarm (25 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings12 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness68%

For some reason I decided to rate this.

That’s quite nice level, but it lacks few things. The first one is definitely ammo. Even though I have got nothing to say about ammo placement because it’s really nice(pretty risky way to get seekers for example, for some reason i liked it), I have to say something about its amount over the level. If there were only two players playing level would became empty after few seconds. It needs a bit more ammo, maybe not seekers, but toasters, RFs and maybe a bit more bouncers. Also, placement of the last one is bad. I had no idea how to get them until I had opened the level in jcs. Passage to it is perfectly invisibile, and the sucker tube thing inside that “bouncer box” is also quite hard to notice. There are no powerups in this level(I think that it would be nice to put one instead of those bouncers, and move them to another place maybe).

Gameplay is nice, though I can’t understand why did you put all of these “bomb sceneries”, probably to make it impossibile to shoot electroblaster through it, but lets say that I don’t get it. In my opinion it would be a nice way to knock somebody down by shooting him with eb, instead of getting knocked down by yourself because you managed to shoot seeker while falling near that bomb scenery(there is a large impact while trying to shoot any destructable scenery by seek, nice thing is that even if you somehow dodge seeker it can still knock you down). Also, as it is said in description, this level is definitely best to host it at lrs mode.

Eyecandy could be better, but the thing I didn’t liked is definitely the background. It’s linear and blank. Maybe adding some background like buildings would make it better? Rest of the level doesn’t look so bad, but also its not something that makes my eyes get excited. It’s just looking normal, but somehow I liked it.

I wonder, why did you enable the “keep x” in the green spring on the right side of the level? Thats pretty useless but it doesn’t really matter. Another thing that makes me wondering is the level name, you really don’t have to put information in the level name that it’s only for jj2+. That makes it only harder to remember the filename, also the “_” things does. It is better to replace the whole word “battle” with a “btl”. And now see, its easier to remember “btlfirestorm.j2l” than “battle_firestorm_jj2+.j2l”. It doesn’t matter, I’m just saying that its easier to remember it then.

The last thing is the music choice. Not really sure if it fits the level, the whole lava stuff doesn’t make this music fit. Still if you have got jj2+ you can just simply change the music.

And that’s all. I’m not sure if this level deserves to get DR, for now there are things that I didn’t liked(this doesn’t really count the filename and music choice or that strange thing with spring) and about which I have mentioned before. So overall it’s 7.2. Not bad level, but it could be better.

[Paragraphs fixed. ~cooba]

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