Pezrock (upload 4)

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27 Sep 2011 at 13:03 (Minor update on 30 Sep 2011)

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Gus (More uploads by Gus)
Inspired by the JJ1 Pezrock
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Pezrock1.j2l Scrolling Stones 12.38 kB 30 Sep 2011
Pezrock2.j2l Well Dungeon! 2.10 kB 30 Sep 2011
g_pezrx1.j2t - Pezrock 1 118.00 kB 29 Sep 2011
g_pezrx2.j2t - Pezrock 2 118.00 kB 29 Sep 2011


I wonder why there are no good remakes of the JJ1 tilesets around the website.

Anyway, this is JJ2 Pezrock. I tried to follow the original JJ2 tileset style as much as possible. Enjoy!

I know there’s a thread for that, but … I re-updated Casualty Mines something like 10 times, and I got no admin notes, so I think there is no problem about it.


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.7

RecommendedGreenTechB rated 7.7

the tileset looks good and the level was nice to play. its favourite moment was the dark part :P the eyecandy was good looking and the whole set’s ancient style was appealing. i’m waiting for the second map to finish :DD

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Review by Obi1mcd

28 Sep 2011, 05:23 (edited 28 Sep 11, 18:03)
CTF Bug (6 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings2 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness84%

It looks quite nice, but I really think you should have added more before uploading this.

EDIT: And… You’re updating it? If you wanted to show it off before it was finished, there’s a thread on the forums for that… =/

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Review by Zoro

27 Sep 2011, 21:00 (edited 29 Sep 11, 02:16)
Bee Boy Swarm (32 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness62%

Tileset’s begin looks fine, but it seems unfinished…

Gus, next time try to release FULL version.

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Review by Ktos.

30 Sep 2011, 12:43
Bee Boy Swarm (25 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings12 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness68%

To be honest, it looks great in my opinion, I really like the overall look of this, it’s a real remake but it’s looking… Well unfinished? And why is there so much empty space in it? I like how it looks, but if I had to rate this then I wouldn’t give more than 7 because it just looks unifnished. I like how the layer 7, 6 and 5 background looks and I havent tried making level with this set, but I really think that you need to finish this or maybe just add more tiles if its finished in your opinion. It fits perfectly with Jazz 2 animation style, the only thing that is looking… Hm maybe not bad but also not really good is fire. The rest is great but as I said – this set is too small, there is too much empty space in it. Finish it or do something with this set and I’ll rate it for sure.

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Review by MilloCz

1 Oct 2011, 13:23 (edited 1 Oct 11, 13:25)
CTF Bug (5 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings5 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness15%

It’s just an unusual drawing style aint it? Like from another game which supporst 16milion colourz…
Definitely add more tiles so i can give you rating between 6-7.

EDIT: You know you shouldn’t upload something that is unfinished?

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