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Capture the flag

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To really understand all that is MHCTF, you really need to read the read me file. I’m going to post in a little something that I wrote in the read me file to give you guys simple of what this leve is. It’s really important that you read the read me file or the level won’t make any sense and please when you review this level please go into MP and play this level in CTF mode. Anyways here is the simple from the read me file. It’s the history on how this gameplay came to be

It all started back when I was a little kid running around playing this game that my friends
and I called Man Hunt. The game involed two teams. Both teams object in this game would be
to capture the other team and take them to their jail. The only way to get team players back
would be to tag them out of the other teams jail. Anyways, if your really interested in the
rest of these rules just email me, otherwise were moving on. So I wanted to make something
like that for jj2 but you can’t really since we don’t (to the best of my knowlegde) have
access to the source code for the game. So this lead me to think of a new idea to make a
new kind of game play, involing more team startegy (which I find this game lacks) I wanted
to make this game play work in battle because of the high heart count, but that wouldn’t
work due to the fact that there are no teams in battle mode. So I was forced to use CTF mode
for this game play…etc.. You guys get the idea. Maybe. Anyways. Please download it and lemme know what ya think. I would really love it get a game going of this gameplay with ppl that know the rules ;) Enjoy, Your Veggie Friend. ~VeggieMan


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Review by VeggieMan

Posted more than 19 years ago
Bee Boy Swarm (38 Points)
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Eventhough I did a number of beta test with [GpW]Bones the jails are kinda messed up after running the level on the net today… Sometimes the trigger zones work and other times they don’t. It’s really annoying..cuz I tested those over and over again and for some weird reason they work and then other times they don’t work. I dunno.

It looks like this won’t be catching on anytime soon either. I may just go back to what I know. Battle levels. I think the world needs more. Hehe.

~VeggieMan[This review has been edited by VeggieMan]

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