Easter Fix 1.23

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13 Oct 2011 at 05:12 (Minor update on 1 Sep 2015)

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Zoro (More uploads by Zoro)
Tileset conversion
Crazy Rabbit, mortalspaz...

File contents

EastDarkEX.j2l Legendary Easter Cave 3.00 kB 10 Jul 2011
EastDayEX.j2l Return to Easterius 2.95 kB 10 Jul 2011
EastEvenEX.j2l Later... 3.03 kB 10 Jul 2011
EastNightEX.j2l It's too late and rainy... 2.62 kB 10 Jul 2011
EastStormEX.j2l It's too late and Stormy!!! 2.81 kB 10 Jul 2011
EastToxicEX.j2l Poison Pools 2.27 kB 10 Jul 2011
A_EastFIXDark.j2t A_Easter_FIX_Dark 250.82 kB 01 Jan 2002
A_EastFIXday.j2t A_Easter_FIX_Day 250.06 kB 01 Jan 2002
A_EastFIXEvening.j2t A_Easter_FIX_Evening 250.10 kB 01 Jan 2002
A_EastFIXMidn.j2t A_Easter_FIX_Midnight 250.47 kB 01 Jan 2002
A_EastFIXStorm.j2t A_Easter_FIX_Storm 250.98 kB 01 Jan 2002
A_EastFIXToxic.j2t A_Easter_FIX_Toxic 250.04 kB 01 Jan 2002
DKC2bramble.it DKC2 Brambe - From:RPGC 335.12 kB 31 Jan 2004


Hello there, rabbits.
It’s time to show you my latest tileset conversion – Easter Fix 1.23. (…again…i think so…)

There’s a bunch of new tiles and color variations, like:
Dark, Toxic, Day, Evening, Night, Storm…
Compatible for 1.23 JJ2.
You can use this tileset in levelmaking, but don’t forget to credit me;
Have a nice day! ;)

PS. If you found any bug or problem, report me…

-Zoro aka Crazy Rabbit

[EDIT] This upload was requested to be restored. Obviously, I had this upload deleted, but someone wanted to have it here. Feel free to dl and use it… Credits goes to the A_Carrotus_Fix authors, not me or ms, because I just shamelessly stole the tiles. Peace!


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.1

RecommendedJordanJett rated 7.2

These are good fixes/variations, not outstanding but interesting nonetheless and can be used for spice

Recommendedsonicnathan 1 rated 7.0

ok tileset, but nothing special. nice to be able ot use it with 1.23 however

RecommendedDuke rated 10.0

Man this is great! At specially i like the toxic 1, it’s awesome. You did a great job. I think it deserves a clear 10, since u say i can exaggerate a bit. But seriously it’s a good conversion, and u have put in some extra things. Good job :)

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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6.5

Not recommendedReview by FawFul

16 Oct 2011, 12:43
Turtle Goon (61 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings21 Featured reviews8 Average helpfulness85%

Everything added is somewhat taken from A_Fix_carrotus. The example levels don’t really show off the new possibilities. (for example with the additional horizontal tree logs). there is also no rearrangement in the tileset, or additional tiles i haven’t seen before.

So all in all these are just mainly pallette swaps, and even those are directly taken from tileset packs like Diamß by pyromanus. this makes easterius look like carrotus, which shouldn’t be like that. Even in pallette swaps where the blue/pink/purple theme still appears i am not sure if the contrast is right or for example, fits with a grey background.

It’s fun to have A_carrotus fix copy with chocolate bunnies.. But with easterius it’s grass turning green like carrotus, pallettes taken from some other sets, additional tiles taken from other sets and questionable color schemes. I don’t think I should give you much credit and appreciation.

No DR since these tilesets are imo not a must have.

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RecommendedReview by SaVn

11 Sep 2015, 19:36 (edited 11 Sep 15, 21:20)
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness10%

Wonderful! This pack contains Easter tilesets.

Edit Design
has been modified with the original Easter “Easter99”, there are six versions of this version of this Easterius.
and had added tiles that come from carrotus fix, the night version is similar to carrotus_Fix_Midnight. Never mind, why give them a 8.

Example levels
The example levels are small, type battle, I will not vote example levels.

DR? Yes, this version of Easterius I liked!

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