Hillside v1.1 (gtblvl_1)

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9 Nov 2011 at 20:17 (Minor update on 10 Nov 2011)

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GreenTechB (More uploads by GreenTechB)
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by GreenTechB
gtb_lvl1_v11.zip (889.76 kB)

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readme_gtb1.txt 0.75 kB 10 Nov 2011
gtb_lvl1.j2l Hillside 9.00 kB 10 Nov 2011
PokHigh.j2t Pokljuka Heights Day 106.33 kB 12 Jul 2009
_almages.it Almagest 766.81 kB 15 Jan 2000
hillside_1.jpg 65.64 kB 09 Nov 2011
hillside_2.jpg 75.11 kB 09 Nov 2011
hillside_3.jpg 76.49 kB 09 Nov 2011


my older level, which was fun to remade i think. tileset by gus, music by unknown. it is converted to 1.23 but the original was for tsf. pls rate the map if you have time, a short review is enough. btw if you find any mistakes or know any improvements, write them down in a comment :) have fun!

this the 1.1, version where some new parts are added, and i fixed some tilbugs.


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Funny level!

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Review by TreyLina

9 Nov 2011, 21:15 (edited 10 Nov 11, 18:31)
Bee Boy Swarm (45 Points)
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If you made it in TSF JCS, it only works in TSF. However, there is a TSF to 1.23 level converter out there by ZapS I think. Levels that run in 1.23 work in TSF as well, of course. EDIT: Like I said, 1.23 levels will work on TSF as well. I know that because I have done it before many times.

Well, I decided to try this level out…


I played this on hard mode. It was rather cheap a few times, with the hidden bats, although there wasn’t much and the large rows of multiply enemies weren’t really necessary. Overall the enemy placement was decent though. But the confusing EC did ruin the gameplay a bit, it is really misleading when you play the level for the first time. Not good. It would be nice if there was a wider selection of ammo, too.

The level is pretty linear, you will always follow the same path, but you can try and uncover the secret paths to get the coins. I didn’t bother getting them all though, so I don’t know what the reward is. I thought that if you didn’t manage to get across the vines of the level, it would take you to a somewhat long but rewarding path which was an actual cave. But all it did was take me back up to try again. Not even any rewards. Dissapointing.

While you can play with all characters, it’s not really balanced. Spaz is going to stuggle to get across the vine part of the level, and there’s not any exclusive rewards for him. There isn’t really any character exclusive rewards/parts at all, so that decreases the replay value more (for me, at least). There’s a part where Jazz/Lori will struggle to get up from a bit, from a small platform to a bridge if you want to reach the coin across. I don’t find the struggling type of balance very fun, though.


Ugh…like I said before, confusing for when you play the map for the first time. Like you think some areas are solid, but they’re not. There are also quite a noticable amount of tilebugs. I found a missing tile and cut-off ends of eyecandy.

The background was okay, although I think it needs a bit more life to it. Maybe the sky could move slowly. It’s not very forest-like either. Sure, there are some trees, but not much within the foreground.


It’s pretty cool, but it doesn’t set the feeling or atmosphere of the level.

I think you could have potential with single player levels, if you keep the advice in mind. If you want to play this level, prepare to be misled by bad (confusing) EC placements. It’s not terrible, but it can be annoying at times. Thus, try if you really want to.

EDIT: Well, after the update I played it again. There’s still some tilebugs and misleading eyecandy, and the new music choice doesn’t really fit that much either, although it’s a bit more appropiate than last time. There’s also a blaster pu down the vine area, I wasn’t really thinking of that kind of reward though…but whatever. I noticed a few other minor changes too, such as some other ammo. Not a huge improvement, but better than nothing.

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Review by DennisKainz

9 Nov 2011, 21:24
Bee Boy Swarm (25 Points)
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Thank you for using my stuff! {:-D

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Review by GreenTechB

9 Nov 2011, 21:46 (edited 10 Nov 11, 17:14)
CTF Bug (5 Points)
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of course i used your tileset, it has a very good atmosphere. thanks for TreyLina for the review, i tried to correct some mistakes i have made in the map. now it has to work in 1.23 also. give it a try :)

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