Visceral Tower [collab]

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18 Dec 2011 at 19:06 (Major update on 19 Dec 2011)

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djazz (More uploads by djazz)
Capture the flag
Cirno, SE, SiLJinned, Ktos, Toni
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collab_vtower.j2l Visceral Tower 6.45 kB 19 Dec 2011
collab_vtower_original.j2l Untitled Collaboration 3.61 kB 19 Dec 2011
WSF01.j2t Windstorm Fortress I 127.23 kB 25 Feb 2004
bj-vte.s3m Voyage to Eternity 324.78 kB 10 Nov 2011


Me, Cirno and Sir. Ementaler made this level as a screencast/speedbuild for youtube.
Watch the video here:

After that we improved and tweaked the level, got some help (it’s WebJCS, can’t help getting help) and here it is! Both in the original (right after youtube recordning) and a refined version.
Don’t take the level too seriously, there was no planning what so ever behind.


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RecommendedReview by PT32

23 Jan 2012, 23:02
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
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Collabs can be fun, and they can be brutal. They can go well, or they can tank.

This one was a little of both.

Visceral Tower had some great eyecandy and decently passable level structure. It was also extremely small and hard to manuever within. Granted, there were some good routes and it wasn’t the worst level ever created, but for a CTF level, it was pretty cramped. In my mind, it would’ve fared much better if released as a duel level instead. Maybe a 2-v-2 CTF.

The powerups were also kind of easy to procure.

That being said, VT was pretty clean bugwise, and the background song worked quite nicely. As I said before, the eyecandy was very impressive, and I thought the level had a great look to it.

The color-coordinated springs were a clever flourish.

In the end, Visceral Tower’s saving grace is its eyecandy. I flipped and flopped for what seemed like forever between grading it with a 6.2 or a 7.2, but the great visuals ultimately overcame the limited space, and I went with the higher mark.

Good work, and DL rec.

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