Holiday hare 2011 for 1.23

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1 Jan 2012 at 12:33

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marinata_1997 (More uploads by marinata_1997)
Single player
Marinovan_zajo or the other name Marinata_1997

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Xmas bonus.j2l The secret planet 2.04 kB 07 Oct 2011
Xmas credits.j2l Credits 1.29 kB 07 Oct 2011
Xmas final.j2l Ice hell 4.52 kB 07 Oct 2011
Xmas start.j2l Holiday hare 11 1.23 2.75 kB 31 Dec 2011
1.23 ICESION.j2t 1.23 ICESION 4.18 kB 07 Oct 2011
A 1.23 Xmas credits.j2t A 1.23 Xmas credits 4.13 kB 07 Oct 2011
A 1.23 xmas.j2t A 1.23 xmas 2.80 kB 07 Oct 2011
Xmas credits.j2t Xmas credits 4.14 kB 01 Oct 2011
Xmas11.j2e Xmas11Levelslss 26.33 kB 28 Sep 2011
Holidaius Day.s3m 134.53 kB 08 May 2000
Holidaius Night.s3m 81.09 kB 08 May 2000


My first upload episode is Cristmas special 2011 for jazz2 v1.23.Now I can upload because I’m new in this site.Sorry for my bad english!


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Not recommendedPurpleJazz rated 1

This is looks as if it was made in only a single day as it is extremely poor. It’s too short, too easy and has very ugly tileset usage, especially in the Inferno level. Spend time on each individual upload instead of releasing something virtually every day. Study popular levels and see what makes them good. There’s plenty of room to improve ;)

Not recommendedDennisKainz rated 1

Go work!

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Not recommendedReview by Violet CLM

4 Jan 2012, 20:02 (edited 4 Jan 12, 20:02)
I might as well work here (539 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews26 Average helpfulness90%

I see a lot of good design principles that are let down by poor execution. You definitely have a sense of what kind of challenges are germane to single player — respectable enemy placement, some precision platforming, triggers, collapse scenery, and other such things — but it’s all done way too quickly. The running section (you should know, btw, that fast feet events don’t actually do anything in JJ2) is ended by a wall which signals that it’s dangerous once again and there’s an enemy coming; that’s a great touch. I see tiles being used for specialized purposes, and definite hints of JJ1 design philosophy (e.g. the secret level hidden behind the end of level sign). As PJ said, you just need to spend a lot more time polishing your levels and making the good ideas that you have more appealing to look at and play. Choosing different tilesets will also benefit you tremendously. Inferno is difficult to use even for experienced level designers, and the other sets you used aren’t really very high quality. Find a nice good-looking, easy to use set and see if you can’t find some inventive graphical tricks to complement your level design intuitions. Keep it up.

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Review by marinata_1997

1 Jan 2012, 14:50 (edited 1 Jan 12, 14:51 by marinovan_zajo)
CTF Bug (0 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings0 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness14%


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