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4 Jan 2012 at 22:29 (Minor update on 5 Jan 2012)

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Blas7er (More uploads by Blas7er)
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Classic.j2l Classic 9.26 kB 05 Jan 2012


A classic level made by me.I haven’t been making levels long time ago because i don’t have much time but i try to find some….Anyways hope you enjoy my demo it’s short but challenging and also EPIC hard mode.Thanks for reading and Have Fun !! :)……………Re – uploaded the level with some fixes hope you like it..


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RecommendedReview by PT32

4 Jan 2012, 23:58 (edited 13 Jan 12, 19:10)
Jazz Jackrabbit (203 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings171 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

This was a very interesting level.

On the one hand, Blas7er did a lot of things right with this level, providing some nice, visually satiating eyecandy, a few tricky challenges and some classic Jazz2 segments that remind you why they’re called “classic”. The music track, while not very original, was nonetheless appropriate, and gave the level a nice aura. The length was just right for a singleplayer level, although a bit long for a mere demo.

In these regards, Classic excels quite nicely.

Unfortunately, the level also suffers from some rather Classic mistakes, most notably the TSF cats, the extremely limited boss arena and the “Dragon Tower” segment (for lack of a better name) that requires an uppercut/double-jump move to access which leaves poor Lori (for TSF users) out in the cold.

The choice of baddie elements was also questionable, with such strange creatures as lab rats and devil dogs making their presence known here.

In an aside, the Blast’em Block segment at the beginning is very confusing. If you (the author) are going to make it a Bouncy-only block, could you maybe make that a little easier to divine?

Most of these problems can be easily fixed. Add an extra floor tile at the bottom of the Dragon Tower. That way, Lori can get in. Change the Blast’em Block animation at the start to a Bouncy Block picture (the tileset SHOULD have one, but if it doesn’t, then maybe use some combination of text strings to let on to the player that that’s how to get past the blocks).

Change the baddies to Lizards, Tuf/Normal Turtles, Float Lizards, Dragons, and (maybe) Dragonflies.

Take out the coin warp, or at least make it into a side route. I forgot to mention this before, but it was very frustrating to get there and find out I didn’t have enough coins.

Remove the TSF cats (Addon Sparks), please. That way, non-TSF users can play this level. While you’re at it, make sure the level itself is compatible with 1.23 (standard Jazz 2…just download the J2L convertor on this site and use it).

Revamp the Boss Arena. I’m not sure how to give you advice here, since there’s no real baseline Boss Arena rules that one needs to follow, save that there’s plenty of room and that it’s quality gameplay. Just be creative.

On the bright side, I WAS impressed by how clean the level was of bugs. You did a good cleanup job, and I tip my hat.

In the end, I think 6.1 sounds like a decent grade to hand out. Classic, while it suffered from a few sizable errors, was still a pretty fun level to play, and for that reason I recommend a download. Despite the low grade, I see hope for it.


-Warp is fixed
-Baddies are better tailored, although the TSF cat is still there
-Boss arena is slightly improved
-Dragon Tower is fixed
-Bouncer wall at the beginning is slightly better elaborated, though still a problem. (Try using text strings)

Revised rating: 6.9

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RecommendedReview by brain-drain

27 Sep 2012, 16:43
CTF Bug (6 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings6 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness66%

I played the level and have to say it’s quite good. It’s quite long for a demo but I don’t mind that if the level is good. I don’t think i found glitches in the level which is another good thing about it and the spike part looked really good. Honestly i really like the carottus music so I definitely can’t say the using the original music was a bad idea. You also know how to use the tileset which is really important if you want the level to look good. There were also quite a few secrets which is another good point. So i have to say this is worth downloading.

I’ll have to mention the bad things as well though:
1, I know there is no bouncer wall in the tileset but that’s what the sign posts are for
2. Not that i started searching for it but i didn’t find the coin warp, normally they aren’t placed somewhere where you don’t go if the follow the level path
3, That tower or whatever it was had enemies in it which couldn’t really be killed without being hit
4, after the tower part the level still goes on for quite a while but there aren’t any carrots until the boss fight

Apart from these the level was really good.

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