Murky Wood

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12 Apr 2012 at 16:23 (Minor update on 2 Dec 2017)

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PT32 (More uploads by PT32)
Single player
Violet CLM for the tileset
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Murkywood.j2l Murky Wood 9.77 kB 12 Apr 2012
RaneforusV Pr.j2t RaneforusV Pr 187.02 kB 13 Jun 2010
Boss1.j2b Way To Nature 304.31 kB 20 Jun 2000 Jungle Beats 242.80 kB 14 May 2010


Another older level that I finally got around to uploading. It’s a vertical platformer stage set in the pneumonia-inducing Murky Woods of Raneforus.

Comes complete with a pseudo-random Boss ending, which means that the direction in which you direct your character’s fall at the end will determine which boss you fight.

Sounds complicated, but it’s easy enough once you get into the level.


It should work in 1.23.

I feel like there’s something else I should say…but I can’t recall it at the moment, so I guess I’ll just hit the “Submit” button…


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Narsist rated 6.5

Uterus Boss came to me, while I was playing the game. I didn’t even go to boss arena…

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.2

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23 Apr 2012, 21:45 (edited 23 Apr 12, 23:25 by Violet CLM)
Frog (14 Points)
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So, a small singe player level.

For the first look, i tought it looks cool, it has a good – and somewhat original eyecandy. I love that it’s covered with a black transpalucent layer, it obviously fits with the name and feel. Actually i liked the background, was also a great point. By the way as it has to come, there are bad things. one is that the things moving with you are somewhere a bit empty, there are some tilebugs (that could’ve been noticed if you go trough the level like 1-2 times and look for it). the feeling of it is fine, but in several parts it makes the way uncertain. After some deaths it wasn’t that but it’s still confusing.

eyecandy: 21/30

Enemies, flow, pickups and other droughty things: I started it and i fell down close immediately, i tought i will die, then i tought i will have to climb back. uh… i didnt get how it was meant to fall until i played like the 3/4 of the level. The first thing came in my mind was the tree that was used as masked, unmasek bg and unmasked fg too. It was deceptive. Anyway, after realising what’s going on, playing became fun, There were some unnoticable cactuses, some suprising enemies, it was the thing that hurted, because most enemies weren’t too hard to kill. the whole thing wasn’t really channeling. There were a great amount of toasters what i loved. Gun6 is the weapon of SP levels. There were a deal of food, once i got a sugar rush (What ended up a werid way, i ran into the Tuf Boss immedietly killing it. it was rather funny. Also it is shootable and killable, next time dont put unactivated bosses in the way. it even hurts if you touch it.). Mainly the way became clear after a time. it was okay. the ending was hardly understandable, i mean i always got warped to the tuf boss, i could roam to other bosses though. Maybe the channeling thing was not to fall off the trees, It happened a lot with me. The bosses werent that hard (for me). it was rather short, for the time i understood the system of the level it ended. There were unneeded savepoints, one could be enough in the whole map. the others should only be in easy (and some extra carrots too). The hard mode was right, with the more enemies. Dont take these as blaming, i’m just focusing on the things to mention and focus on.

gameplay: 28/40

Aboat the externalities, the music fitted well, the name is appropriate.I like the Jungle gods thing. What more to say aboat it duh.


I think it was somewhat original, low used tileset, with this dark cover, new typed bossfight. I could even call it “find it out” as it has lots of strange happenings.

originality: 13/20

Overally: Not bad, but there is where to improve.
Rating: 72/100 -> 7.2 and a DR.


(added a missing closing tag for the bold. ~Violet)

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