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6 Jul 2012 at 20:26

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forfor (More uploads by forfor)
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some of my game tilesets levels

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Beach.j2l Beach Bunny Bingo 9.34 kB 16 Apr 2012
Beach2.j2l Marinated Rabbit 18.36 kB 21 Apr 2012
boss 1.j2l boss 1 3.06 kB 14 Mar 2012
boss 2.j2l boss 2 2.95 kB 14 Mar 2012
boss 3.j2l boss 3 6.97 kB 21 Apr 2012
carrot1.j2l Tossed Salad 7.95 kB 03 Apr 2012
carrot1n.j2l Carrot Juice 11.37 kB 25 Jun 2012
Castle1.j2l Dungeon Dilemma 11.34 kB 02 Jul 2012
castle1n.j2l Knight Cap 11.04 kB 05 Jun 2012
colon1.j2l Victorian Secret 12.40 kB 17 Apr 2012
colon2.j2l Colonial Chaos 13.62 kB 30 Jun 2012
kill enemy.j2l Untitled 5.11 kB 13 Mar 2012
labrat1.j2l Weirder Science 9.69 kB 29 Mar 2012
labrat2.j2l Loose Screws 9.34 kB 29 Mar 2012
labrat3.j2l labrat game morph 10.38 kB 21 Apr 2012
Psych2.j2l Funky Grooveathon 10.60 kB 03 May 2012


i Designed this levels from game Original tilesets i hope you like it . Enjoy with the levels


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Review by Bloody_Body

24 May 2015, 22:34 (edited 25 May 15, 21:19)
Bee Boy Swarm (36 Points)
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First of all why didn’t you change the names of the levels? It’s not very convinient to replace the original ones with these levels to play them.
The levels aren’t worth plaing at all- I can’t even see the certain path at the vasp majority of them. Some of them have problems with lighting.
There are also some survivals like Kill enemy or boss. First one has a terrible layout and respawns tons of enemies which is pretty pointless. The music isn’t associated with the tileset. The same goes for the boss fights where you have to face a group of bosses. It’s not challenging at all due to the fact that it’s enough to kill a single boss to exit the level.
The only thing I liked in this pack was the remake of an unfinished original Psych level known as “Far Out”. It can be easily recognized though you renamed it to “Funky Grooveathon” which is the name of the 2nd Psych level. You’ve extended it and placed the Bubba boss here. It could be a decent level if there weren’t places you can’t get through… I counted at least 3 of them. The drums (or whatever they are) in the narrow tunnels are an impassable barrier due to their awful mask.

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