Bannerwatch Base

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31 Jul 2012 at 18:08 (Major update on 31 Jan 2013)

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Ron97 (More uploads by Ron97)
Capture the flag
Me (Lithium) for the level, Ragnarok and Sean for ideas and betatesting, wKtK for support
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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elcbanner.j2l Bannerwatch Base 9.76 kB 31 Jan 2013
AftermathI.j2t LMAT: Aftermath Inferno 158.88 kB 03 Nov 2009
COSMIC2.XM Cosmic outflow_ 747.48 kB 11 Dec 2007


A relatively small CTF level with pits, two +1 carrots, one full NRG and four powerups (two RF, two toaster). Best played in 3v3s, though 2v2s and duels should still work (although they would be much slower).

I intended this to be a part of an ELC CTF pack, but I decided to upload it separately because of some issues. It might still be included in the pack, if it ever gets finished :)

Have fun, report major bugs and don’t fall into the pit!

EDIT: Gameplay improved, lower part made easier to move in and lower corridors made wider.


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RecommendedReview by Rabid Rabb

5 Aug 2012, 16:46 (edited 5 Aug 12, 20:36)
Frog (14 Points)
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Lithium’s third uploaded CTF level just like the last one, containing pits, Bannerwatch Base. To be honest i don’t really get what the name means (even after googling it) but let’s stay at that its a kind of headquarters in a drear planet. I’m referring to the modern look and the shuttles in the background. So let’s see!


Generally good, not glowing, not deceptive, natural (get it right) and goodlooking. I definetly like the spaceships in the background. The structure of the walls and layer 5 backgrouns are systematic mixed with random what is a right method in making such things. The windows as transpalucent wall items is loveable. They even have light around it, you used Lights pretty fine. On the other hand, this tileset is very rich in elements, yet the level doesn’t utilize it. The level doesn’t have just some tubecovers at the foreground layers, it doesn’t include any eyecandy, not even on masked walls. Some people find foreground things in the playing area annoying so it might count as a good point though. Moreover you optimized this nice and kind of simple eyecandy for low detail.



Mainly its like two bases facing eachother, each side the falg and +1 carrot in the middle, top toaster and bottom RF. between them there is an open area. The top of the bases are very abuseable places, considering that people hardly can get up to hit, if its camped. I was really thinking that maybe, there was some sneaky way to get up or shoot in, but no, I just could get hit to blink, and then have a try. I would suggest to make a tricky way to backstab the camper like a tube from the middle to up (also leaveing unmasked the place between the top warps). ‘Bout the lower tight way, it’s hard to chase trough, shooting in with Electroblaster isnt effecite, but it doesn’t ensure you to get to the base so it’s somewhat fine. Let’s turn the page to balancing. The level is symmetrical so its solved, its a very lazy solution though to mirror the half. Also, in such a small size i think it would be expected to make it assimetrical. Anyway the structure is fair, easy to learn.



This is the most important part of a level, especially in CTF. To begin, you recomend duels and 2v2s because of the size, however i tried a duel and it was very boring. The reason was that, there were 3 carrots and the map is full of defendable places. You hardly ever risk your life with chasing/attacking because your enemy can just hit you, you can’t even go with him and block his way or something because he can just simply turn back. This thing partially affects 2v2s too. Despite there you can risk attacking the flagholder, you will still have a quite hard time, he will mostly have a huge advantage. So both Duels and 2v2s are slow and actionless (obviously unless ppl make lots of mistakes). What’s next? 3v3s which lacks of this bad probably. I played the most of that in this level, it can keep 6 players ‘cause of the plenty of PUs and carrots, the little backward here is the small size. The fighting is near pure mindplay so is definetly great, furthermore, the bases themselves aren’t strongly campable, what makes a good tactical, domination game.
Turning to the bad, the ways are too narrow at certean places. Sadly i have to mention the flow here because its bothering. I usually have to retry jumping up with the srping down at the RF PUs. There is a little chance to fail to get the flag, you occasionally run to a srping or fall down so its bad. I’m not reflecting to that its a total failure, because its just time to get used to it (like most things), only that, it can weightly decrase the people’s impression.



Lots of armour all over the small level, you always have something useful. I’m personally more the fan of big ammo piles to reload, but whatever. The powerup choice is definetly awesome. BNC would be too powerful, seeker wouldn’t really fit, but here i find myself using RF and Toaster effectively in face to face combat. The PUs are hardly controllable, even decreasing the functionality of duels (but increase 3v3’s)(imo). The toaster PU’s placement is fine, yet The RF powerup freaked me out a litte bit, it definetly needs time to get used it. At first glance i didn’t get what’s with the +1 carrots, but they are good and original, i didn’t really like it at the begining, but the more i played the more i liked it. The full corrot is in the center if the map, with warps leading to it. I once shooted it down from myself, with spamming some RFs, was funny. What to say, greatly placed. Maybe the only thing that makes the top place bad to camp is that there isn’t too much ammo, i find this nice, but if you go there with filled pockets you wont have a bad time. Oh and you left there some Daamm tasty chocolates! NOM NOM!



Greatly fits. I personally love it. By the way it is named “Cosmic Outflow” and is made by Falcon and Pulse in 1996 (you should add it, really, they deserve it!).



Nice Job Sir, it’s a good level. Probably would be even better if you took my suggestions into consideration.

7.5 out of 10


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Review by Ron97

2 Aug 2012, 14:26
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
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You weren’t a BETAtester, you played a duel after the level was released. However, I might add a thanks message including all the people who helped with 2v2s/3v3s and a duel on the first day :)

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RecommendedReview by DrizzŸ

2 Aug 2012, 14:14 (edited 13 Sep 12, 19:53 by cooba)
CTF Bug (1 Points)
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I want to rate this level a 9 since I tested it with a duel with sean.

GAMEPLAY: Very good except i recommend using Toaster for the bottom part where RF’s are because if you use Rf’s there they will bounce you all over the place and you will lose control.

EYECANDY:Backgrounds are cool and funky although it looks like one side of layer 4 has just been reversed….but otherwise it looks good

PIT: The put is good it is hard to get out if ya fall in.

CARROT PLACEMENT:great placement i like how you have to use the electro gun to get the 1+ c.

DL?: yea

One question though,why are the choco bars in there and i was in a 2v2 an i got a sugar rush is that supposed to happen?

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