Frog Hunt

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13 Aug 2012 at 03:09 (Minor update on 24 Aug 2012)

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Aromunok (More uploads by Aromunok)
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)

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AroFrogHunt1.j2l Frogs in Water 5.46 kB 24 Aug 2012
Top3PLUS.j2t Top 3 PLUS 136.38 kB 26 Jul 2012


If you want to try new things.TRY THIS.
You can play it from Electron’s Frog Hunt server.

-Changed some warp lines.
-Fixed some bugs.

Update 2:
-New easy way for exiting shop.
-Added new weapons.
-Fixed some triggers.

Update 3:
-Edited new things in shop.
-Added new weapons.
-New ways for frogs.
-Fixed some bugs.
-And new beauty things.


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Not recommendedSeren rated 1.0

This download has no use whatsoever as the level requires a private and, as things appear to be at the moment, not-to-be-released program in order to be played. Even if that were to be ignored, the level design is subpar and eyecandy nonexistent.

RecommendedBuzluK rated 10.0

Im very lilke this game mode.
I think this mode is more enjoybale than other game modes.
I played this game mode in Electrons Frog Hunt server.
Thanks for your map. Because we are play only one map in Electrons server. Now we can play more maps.
Please upload new levels.

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Review by Aromunok

13 Aug 2012, 11:27 (edited 15 Aug 12, 13:33)
CTF Bug (0 Points)
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I made it for my friend. He is the inventer of this game mode.


Sorry,but this isn’t your frog hunt mode.
In this mode:
One player is hunter(spaz), and the other players are frog. Hunter must kill the frogs. If hunter can\‘t kill the frogs, frogs are win. If Hunter kills all of the frogs, frogs are win. Hunter has 10 minute for killing frogs. And hunter can collect coins for killing frog easier. But warps are helping frogs. Because frogs can go thought the warps but hunter is can\‘t. So it is not your frog hunt mode.

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Review by Technopauluz

15 Aug 2012, 00:26
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness56%

Great to hear others are making frog hunt modes to!

Ill dunno who was the first with the idea (don’t really care) but I worked on some levels to to make it work flawless even without the frog program. see this forum post: only disadvantace is that other see your frog like an crazy jazz sprite) I like to try something out with who is interested (if I make the time for it ;) )

I will download your level sometime on a pc with Jazz2 on it and play on the server to exchange idea’s

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