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23 Aug 2012 at 13:34 (Minor update on 23 Aug 2012)

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abgrenv (More uploads by abgrenv)
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Jazz Homemade.zip (59.66 kB)

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Burning.j2l Burning Ambition 11.81 kB 23 Aug 2012
Close.j2l Close To The Ocean 9.55 kB 23 Aug 2012
Dejavu.j2l Dejavu 11.48 kB 23 Aug 2012
Fall.j2l A Fall In The Manhole 10.11 kB 23 Aug 2012
Knight Vision.j2l Knight Vision 15.12 kB 23 Aug 2012


Five ordinary levels I made in my free time. Actually they are the only levels I’ve ever made, though i tried my best not to make a fucked up mess out of them:). I made the carottus level about 2 years ago, the beach level sometime last year, the hell level in late winter, the castle level 1 month ago and I made the colony level this week finishing it yesterday. Nothing very special, something like the original levels in JJ2 were, but give them a try and rate them. Tilesets (as you can see) include castle, carottus, colony, beach and hell. If you find any glitches in them definitely mention them and I’ll fix them. There might be a few since (as I’ve mentioned) I finished the colony level yesterday. Since I always play this game on hard there’s no difference between easy and hard difficulty. If you find my levels good I’ll make more. Also if you want to, you can advise which tileset I should use on my next levels. Hope you’ll enjoy them at least a bit :D


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.3

Recommendedbrain-drain rated 7.0

As said, nothing special, but it’s enjoyable in it’s own way.

RecommendedBloody_Body rated 7.5

Very decent levers for the beginner. Of course they’re far inferior to the original ones, but still worth downloading. By the way “Knight Vision” inspired me to make my own single player pack “Stone Abyss” The first level of that pack is a heavily rebuilded version of “Knight Vision”

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Review by abgrenv

8 Oct 2015, 11:02
Frog (18 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings18 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness77%

Thanks for the review :)

Wow, never thought one of my levels would inspire anyone, let alone one of my first ones. Glad to hear you liked them. I’m 21 now, so I would probably be able to be more creative with level making as of now. I’ll probably give it a try sometime in the future.

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