motiland hahaha

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24 Aug 2012 at 19:31 (Minor update on 25 Aug 2012)

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moti (More uploads by moti)
Capture the flag
they know
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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MOTILAND.j2l MOTILAND 8.56 kB 25 Aug 2012
ICJungE.j2t Jungle 2.0 Evening 248.85 kB 14 Aug 2010


hmm my first level ever finished
enjoy, i guess?

you can download music here:

edit: reuploaded twice, download once again (btw whoa 7 downloads)


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RecommendedReview by Ron97

25 Aug 2012, 08:14
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings27 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness44%

(A note: Mark the level as plus-only, it has pits.)

For your first uploaded CTF level, this is quite good. The eyecandy is done nicely, though the level is a bit too dark and it makes it hard to see some of the vines/springs. Still, it has a nice atmosphere, you’ll do great eyecandy if you continue making levels.

Gameplay and the flow is fine, though some springs make movement a bit harder than it should be. I tested it out with Jazz as well, it’s fine, might be even better to play with Jazz at some occasions.

Pickup placement and choice is good. I liked the powerups, no seeker and people seem to like it when there’s no seeker!

Overall, it’s a good level, even better when you consider moti is a novice levelmaker. Here’s a 8.5 for you and a DL rec, make sure you continue making good levels!

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RecommendedReview by Rabid Rabb

26 Aug 2012, 14:48 (edited 26 Aug 12, 14:49)
Frog (14 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings14 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness60%


Wow what we got here, the first (uploaded) level of such an experienced player. Err, the name is a lazy solution, however i think it actually fits your personation. The starter glance made me instantly want to write a review, i was sure i would see something tasty. So did i!


The apmosphere is smooth and cool, it’s even more natural than the other levels with this tileset, considering that in jungles it usually rains. The place is like if it lived, with the moth all around in A windy dusk, great as the (layer 8) background synchronizes with the rain. The eyecandy is goodlooking, some waterfalls, rooty treey stuffs and such, the tileset is used right. To complete the list of goods, its still looking great and probably even helps to turn on low detail. Well there is one little bad thing that the colors are sometimes confusing.
Dah you bbswing base copier :3!



Mainly, small, two sides, each with a sort of separated base area, middle area with 2 full Cs, its investive. In the bottom corners there are Rf and Bnc, the mid sides have +1 Carrots. Each place of the level has something to go for. The bases appear to be quite easy to defend as you can block all the ways if you camp under the flaggies, also the top mid fullC could have ways leading to the bases, with like tubes or winds (imo). Okay, so its symmetrical -> balanced, its mirrored, bah these recent levels are all like that.. (its a negative point). The structure is sorta fair not a challange to learn.



My very first game was a duel here though it more seems to be good for larger games due to the pickups, it’s wasn’t that bad. It could work, cause it’s not that hard to chase, RFs are very effective to hit. I played some 3v3s and it was quite good, first i thought it would be too slow and bad bc of the 4 carrots, yet the 2 damage PUs and placements for the carrots compensated it very well. The game is actionful, because it’s not that big, and has many death end like places, for example, the top middle carrot, PUs. Both face to face and long range combat happens. I especially love the bridge, you can shoot BNCs down to kill someone going towards the C/ shoot seekers down, you can even get up from below with the help of an RF. Some more discussion about fighting below, at pickups paragraph.
Let’s see what’s in the other hand, The flow. Goin trough the level is much times confusing and not once annoying. Here to mention the tubes taking out you from the top c area, so are the float ups that keep giving you to wroung directions, makes you stuck as you may buttstomp, goin the way you want is often ruined. It appears to be annoying. I would stroungly suggest to remove the tubes leading out from the top C aera, and making there a wider place. The springs usually let you too up from the other one or not making you up enough, it’s not coordinated well. (its possible to get used to everything anyway).



So, 2 Full cs, 2 +1 Cs placed in a shape of a plus in the level. It’s allright, you needn’t risk going for a full C that are in dangerous places, and even if your not a flagholder you can heal yourself back, so the +1Cs are quite useful. Its funny when the top C is down so you can take them both as someone is hitting you, but you will still be in risk to get hit again, very well placed. The PU choices are pretty accurate, BNC has great uses blaster boosts you to make big chops, and the RF, that cuts as knife does the butter. There are lots of BNC barrels what is good, due to that this is a sort of vertical level, there isnt too many seekers, fine enough. The thing i sometimes miss are some RFs to reload, as it only is in the bottom at the PU, and like some inside the trees up, but i wouldnt really count with that one. In my opinion the toaster is just useless, it doesnt do significant damage, doesn’t give you too good chance to make hit, though there are crates of it on top of the bases. I would rather put there some RFs, better not crate, but RFs. ‘Bout the fastfires, i must admit, they are a good combo with blaster, but i personally hate them, even with that, probably i’m alone with that i don’t know, you could put them out of the way.



The begining of it was like WTF and as the song repeats you hear it everytime, it could really been cut out. Altrough this isn’t a part to complain about, the music is damn accurate, greatly fitting the level, and is impressive to listen. I kept it for like 4 hours not getting bored of it, its a minimal thing that its MP3 and 4 MB.



It’s good to see such an advanced level, as your first upload. You are good at this, just dont be lazy!
(I could’ve added some praising chatlogs but i forgot to save them xd,,)

8.5 out of 10


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