Homemade Levels Pt. 2

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14 Sep 2012 at 13:24 (Major update on 5 Feb 2013)

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abgrenv (More uploads by abgrenv)
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Silence.j2l Silence Of The Lab 18.54 kB 05 Feb 2013
Labrat1.j2t Labrat 1 192.29 kB 30 Oct 2005
Orbitus.s3m 29.84 kB 07 May 2000


I’ve just finished the level, it took only 3 afternoons alltogether including the testing. I used the labrat tileset. No story for the level, but now i added a difficulty so there will be a difference between hard and easy (though only on the uploaded version, since i always play in hard). If you liked my earlier levels too, try this one as well. This time I’m only uploading 1 level, but this weekend I’m planing to make 1 more. I hope that in about 1 or 2 weeks i can upload another pack with about 3-4 levels. I’ll try my best to create as many new levels as possible in a short period though it will definitely take longer than normal thanks to school.
Well that’s all.
Hope you’ll like the level and rate it if possible.
Also don’t forget to mention if you find gliches so i can fix them.

Edit: I added some eyecandy and tried to make the level a bit harder. I also added saving points because I noticed they were mission previously. I changed the music as well as made the level a little bit longer and added a boss. There are some places where only Jazz/Spaz can go.
Try it and tell if it’s better or worse. Anything glitchy or unusual just mention it.


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.2

cooba rated 6.5

What it says – a small Labrat romp. Decent overall.

brain-drain rated 7.2

Nothing too new or creative but alltogether quite good. Especially for players who also like the original levels since this one also has a similar style.

popkamil12 rated N/A

jak siÄ™ pobiera tego jazza

RecommendedForthRightMC rated 8

This level is very good for me, 8/10. In my version I changed tileset and added AngelScript code.

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