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10 Oct 2012 at 20:37 (Minor update on 15 Oct 2012)

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asdasd.j2l Battle Of Jungle 2.0 Day 5.51 kB 10 Oct 2012
ICJungD.j2t Jungle 2.0 Day 247.89 kB 05 Jul 2009
Easter.it Frolick Lane 1213.39 kB 19 Jan 1999


It’s my map xd


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Review by Rabid Rabb

1 Nov 2012, 08:29
Frog (14 Points)
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“The Battle of Jungle 2.0 Day”, well not as a blaming, but this isn’t a good name, I mean, it’s a CTF level, and the place is exactly referring to the tileset’s title. You dont need complicated names, a Jungle Bungle or Jungle Fight or even a Kubus CTF would make a better impression. The level is tiny and has numerous weird things in it, so why do I reveiw this? Because, it’s your first level and you quite much appear to need advice!


The look is basically decent, the edges of the walls and leaves are smooth, there are waterfalls, tree tubes made right. I think I can state that the background looks excellent with the bare look and the water, even though you didnt ulitlise Layer 7. The places where rabbits jump around looks all fine, but the edge walls are usually blank. The leaves add a good eyecandy, but several times they are placed in unnatural positions, also I first found them confusing, but it’s easy the get used to or just to turn Low detail on, It actually makes the levels clear, and doesn’t ruin near anything, that’s a good point!



The bases in the opposing sides are in Death-Ends (Places where you hardly have way to get out without getting hit). The level is definetly tiny, closely just a one route level, but the ways have different functions near the bases. There is a sort of ridiculous part, the lower big box, with warps leading to it with small ways out of it, it’s totally empty, Both the Full Carrot and the Seeker PU is above it. Shouldn’t those two, or least one be there? Well you can hide there for limited amout of time, but with that, you would trap yourself quite afar of the bases. It’s wrongly made part of the level. Anyway this map is generally simple (what doesn’t mean bad!) and is mirrored, the only differnece is BNC and RF powerup, rightly balancing. It’s just a piece of cake to learn the level.



The three most dangerous powerup, 2 +1 C, 1 FullC. Well i didn’t actually play it, but i could easily imagine how it could turn out thinking about the small size. A duel could be sort of right, there would be a lot of camping and carrot fight though. The 2v2 would be err, well actually i can’t imagine how that would be, it could act fine. 3v3 would be bloody as hell, ew. There is a big fail on the pickups, i will expalin them one paragraph below. Whatever, so what i would mainly say, there are too much PUs and Carrots. Just shooting seekers out from the spot of the FullC and the Seeker PU you can get all the PUs and camp the carrot at once, it’s superior to any place, it would ruin the game In my opinion. Let’s talk about the flow. Those chumps at 52:16 and 97:16, are damn annoying. Accidentally i found myself pushing walls, and i always ran into the warps leading to the bottom. The rest was appropriate.



The most important and very big mistake is that, the generators aren’t setted. This way, they spawn in a few seconds after they got taken. When you turn an event into a generator, you can set it’s delay of time to spawn again on the right lower corner of the Set Event Window. You need to make it like 25 to PUs and Carrots, and 20 to the simple ammos.
The PUs were in acceptable places, but, they are too much and too close. One should be only on top, and not in the middle, but close to one side, and the other should be in the bottom box, I think. BNC is quite good to break camps, so it should be one of the PUs. There are just a little small ammos, there should be a bigger bunch just next to the bases (it should be BNC for both sides). Ice inside the tubes in the middle isn’t too useful. The +1 Carrots are placed right, but i would mark them too much for the tiny map.



Easter.s3m, “Frolick Lane” By Alexander Brandon. It itslef is a great tune, yet just by the filename, it’s not really meant to fit a Jungle level, there are some samples that feel like decent for a jungle but it’s too fast, happy and clear. For a jungle i would choose a slower, rithmic and mystic music, the general music for this tileset could’ve been just great for it.



Look it’s not bad as a first level, but there is a lot where to improve! I would give you some advices,
  1. Look at other players’ good levels, the popular levels are played for a right reason, their creators understood more of this misterious art of making JJ2 levels. There are tons of things you can learn from them. If you didnt play this then go ahead: The Resurrection of Devan Shell Get trough all the five episodes (if you didn’t already) and alaize the levels, watch how it works, see how the eyecandy is made is severaly creative ways!
  2. Let each place have it’s use! Spread out the Powerups, ammos, and carrots in the level.
  3. Never forget to Test your own level, run around a lot and think if all the things are right, there are no bugs, bad parts of the level! You could also ask someone else to test BEFORE you want to release it, an other perspective can make a large positive change!
    Be creative, set your mind free and learn. I wish you all the best!

6 out of 10


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