Homemade Levels Pt. 5

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28 Oct 2012 at 15:42 (Minor update on 19 Nov 2012)

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abgrenv (More uploads by abgrenv)
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Monkey.j2l Monkey See Monkey Do 17.47 kB 19 Nov 2012
Stonar.s3m 101.17 kB 08 May 2000


Been a while since I last uploaded a level. But here it is, awaited or not you get it :D. This level has quite a large amount of secrets so bee on the lookout for them. Also you’ll need some basic knowledge at certain points of the game. But it check yourself.
And as always rate, review, point out the glitches and the things that ought to be changed.

Sorry forgot to put the level to the Home Cooked Level section. Now it will be there hopefully.


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RecommendedReview by brain-drain

1 Nov 2012, 13:12
CTF Bug (6 Points)
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I played the level a few times so I could really see what it was like. I have to say I enjoyed it quite a lot. Though not very original I can’t say I disliked the quiz parts. Though I had to answer them all well to be able to access the coin warp, though the questions there were really simple, the tougher ones came later. I see you also made sure that beginners won’t have trouble completing the level since there is a noticeable difference between hard and easy. Paths divided a few times to add to the replay value and I also liked the idea of making a path for Jazz and for Spaz at somewhere in the middle of the level. Pickups were fine, you used many types of food, though all suited the level. There were also a lot of gems unfortunately mostly only red ones. Ammo was also suitable for the level and certain types were also required to get some items. Giving seekers made the level a bit too easy though. Carrots were quite well placed and there were enough. There were also some powerups for bouncy toaster and RF ammo. It’s good you didn’t add one for seekers that would have made the level too easy. Enemies were well placed sometimes even acting like a trap for players. The boulders weren’t really needed in my opinion since once they worked as supposed to other times they rolled in the opposite direction. The spikes were a better idea especially under the question part. I’m not sure but I think the least likely answer lead to the buttstomp path with the spikes(not sure). The music is from JJ1 Stonar level, well, who would know, it actually fitted the level since it has some similarities to the original level music to a certain extent. Also somewhere at the middle of the level there is a spaz superkick stomptile that leads to nothing. Guess you forgot to put something there. Also the last question was a bit too much in my opinion, though the texts differed from the path you chose and had some, how should I say, “interesting” texts.

All together I really enjoyed the level and I think it would satisfy most downloaders. If not I’m sorry for misleading but I certainly give this a download recommendation since in my view it was a well done level and a good effort.

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