Electro Blaster is underrated.

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27 Nov 2012 at 21:37 (Minor update on 30 Nov 2012)

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Mac.Lynx (More uploads by Mac.Lynx)
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Jake for the music idea (see "Post Apocalypse Office"), Music creator for music

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lnxeb.j2l EB is underrated. 6.32 kB 30 Nov 2012
alf_-_no-mercy.mod no-mercy 482.69 kB 23 Oct 2007


The second CTF contribution by me.

This is in fact a playable CTF level. However, I still decided to mark it as a concept because I wanted to emphasize the special “features” of it. Yes, no eyecandy, too small, overused tileset, blablabla – I don’t care for it is only about the concept.

I was some sort of disappointed to see that people just do not use Electro Blaster enough, which brought me to this idea. For instance, in order to get your fancy yummy seeker powerup, you MUST have EB with you. There simply is no other chance to get it (you also need to buttstomp a crate beforehand since the seeker PU is hidden in a tube). Secondly, all the other PUs (except for EB lol) need EB or bouncies too.

Next, the carrot simply must be shot down in order to be taken. There is no other possibility. However, it depends on the way how you shoot it down (weapon, angle) whether you or the enemy on the other level side can get it.

Finally, I wanted to introduce some sort of randomness into the gameplay, and you can find it at the bouncer PU. You cannot properly foresee where the PU will go (left or right side of the area). Also here, you need (unpowered) bouncies or EB to get it. Got it?

Especially the bouncy PU was troublesome with JJ2 1.24 (sans plus), therefore I cautiously declared it as TSF AND Plus only. Not sure whether it is true or not.

Enough talking, enjoy.

Update 28.11.12: Re-uploaded and fixed a few minor bugs. Changed Full NRG from MCE event back to original one.

Update 30.11.12: Fixed the start positions. Reduced sucker tube lengths (above carrot) by one tile each side.


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