Homemade Levels Pt. 7 Winter Pack Pt.1

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9 Dec 2012 at 16:44 (Minor update on 24 Dec 2012)

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abgrenv (More uploads by abgrenv)
Single player
Freezing.zip (861.81 kB)

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Freezing.j2l Freezing To Death 16.77 kB 24 Dec 2012
Diamondus Frozen.j2t Diamondus Frozen 220.91 kB 12 Jan 2008
ColdF.it Internal Cold Fusion 808.46 kB 04 Dec 2012


A single player level with a winter theme. Next part coming this month probably before Christmas. I worked on this level quite a lot to make it look good and to work as it is supposed to. Difficulty is average, with easy mode being a bit easier. Jazz and Spaz have different starting position and paths divide a few times. I tried to use more eyecandy than usually, but you should decide if it’s good or not. There are quite a few secrets as well as parts where only one of the two characters can go. It’s quite a long level.
I have tested it quite a few times but if you find something ugly like tileglitches, missing events like springs or wrong enemy placement etc. then mention them.
Also could you please review the level. I really want to know if it’s good or not. I’m really interested in you opinions. If it sucks just tell it so I will know that I have to improve.

Snowing event added to the level. Don’t know why I forgot :D

If the game crashes at the end of the level it isn’t a glitch, you just don’t have the second part of the pack. Link is here: http://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7091/homemade-levels-pt-8-winter-pack-pt-2/


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RecommendedReview by brain-drain

20 Jan 2013, 14:14
CTF Bug (6 Points)
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Well since I have downloaded this “winter pack” let’s review it.
There is no story to it so there not a big need to put this and the second part in connection, but whatever.
Eyecandy is pretty good, though it’s the easiest to make good eyecandy in the diamondus and carrotus levels. I like the way you used layer 5 and 6.
Enemies are places well especially some of the flying ones. It’s not that difficult though after you realize how to kill them without getting hurt. Anyway if it’s hard there’s the easy mode. There were quite a lot of items as well as many weapon types which were later useful for some enemies and for secrets or destructable blocks. I like the fact that the level has a lot of secrets which were fun to find. I have to mention though that a lot of them are accessible for only Jazz as well as Jazz’s starting position being longer. That’s may not be so satisfying for players who like Spaz better.
The music was very good in my opinion. It really fitted well with the level.
All together I have to say this is the better half of the 2 part pack. I think it’s worth trying it, it’s medium length level which is fun and has quite and amount of secrets.

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