Homemade Levels Pt. 8 Winter Pack Pt. 2

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24 Dec 2012 at 17:24 (Minor update on 25 Dec 2012)

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Winter Pack.zip (1.63 MB)

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Cold As.j2l Cold As Hell 13.34 kB 24 Dec 2012
Spreading.j2l Spreading Cold 19.60 kB 24 Dec 2012
Without1.j2l Without Heating 8.54 kB 25 Dec 2012
CarrFixD.j2t Carrotus 1.5 Diamondus 233.46 kB 02 Aug 2012
FrozenCastle.j2t Frozen Castle 143.34 kB 01 Sep 2005
Inferno1.j2t Inferno 1 244.47 kB 06 Apr 1998
Castle.j2b Jazz Castle 251.02 kB 30 Oct 2005
Freeze.j2b Hell Freezes Over 302.97 kB 30 Oct 2005
cracking_ice.mod cracking icehX 542.33 kB 14 Dec 2012


Here is the second part of the winter pack. 2 bigger levels and one smaller having a boss fight. I know the carrottus tileset doesn’t look like it’s winter but it contains a lot of blue and I didn’t want to use the xmas carrottus. Maybe I’ll use it next time.
Anyway, enjoy and Merry Xmas!!! :D

Part one is here: http://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/7088/homemade-levels-pt-7-winter-pack-pt1/

EDIT: Boss fight fixed.


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RecommendedReview by brain-drain

20 Jan 2013, 13:35
CTF Bug (6 Points)
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Second half of the winter pack, though not the better half. Let’s go level by level.
Cold as hell:
Well I’ve heard a lot of people saying it’s hard to make good eyecand for the inferno tileset. That means it’s not an easy tileset to use. I see you were trying to do something but the level still feels sort of empty. Some of the enemies were placed in a kind of glitchy way (skeletons). There were two parts where the paths split that was sort of good. Amount of secrets was moderate and the item placement was good. Default music. (Still better than choosing something that doesn’t fit).
Rating: 6.8

Spreading cold:
Easily the best of the 3 levels. Different starting positions with a kind of funny part for Spaz. Eyecandy is good (though the tileset isn’t really a winter tileset) like the diamondus levels you combine layer 5 and 6. Enemies are well placed as well as the items. You have to split paths quite a few times which adds to the replay value. Also I noticed that here there are far more places for only Spaz unlike other levels from you. There are a few tricky secrets which are a good idea. This is the only level with different music than the default and it’s quite nice.
Rating: 8.2

Without heating:
A really short level. It’s rather a boss level. Still you managed to squeeze some secrets in it. Not much to say here. Boss fight was really tough and long, anyway I wouldn’t have minded this to be a boss fight level only.
Rating: 6.2

Rating: 7.0
Download recommendation: Yes
Even though this isn’t the best it’s worth downloading because of the second level. Also fighting the boss is a tough challange which some players may enjoy.

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