Player Guided Missile

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WARNING! This concept only works for singleplayer or when all players are in the same team. If you do try this in multiplayer it will cause strange effects. I have tried to make a global version but it doesn’t work well because of the lag.

This a script that allows the player to control a seeker by moving it with the left and right arrows. The player will get (and keep) one seeker at the start of the game. Whenever a player is standing near a wall, he/she can’t turn the rocket in one direction. If you don’t want this you could create a script that detects walls and moves the player a bit from the wall.

There are a few constants that can be changed to modify the behavior of the rocket:
RocketTime – Life time of the rocket
RotateSpeed – How fast the rocket rotates
RocketXYSpeed – Determines how fast the rocket moves horizontal and vertical
RocketDiaSpeed – Determines how fast the rocket moves diagonally

There is comment in the code, but if you got any questions about this code feel free to send a pm :)


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