Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Boss Rush

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22 Feb 2013 at 19:53 (Minor update on 24 Apr 2014)

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guyisbackable (More uploads by guyisbackable)
Single player
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
bossrush.zip (51.18 kB)

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bossrush.j2l Get ready! 0.85 kB 22 Feb 2013
bossrush1.j2l Boss #1: Bilsy 0.72 kB 22 Feb 2013
bossrush2.j2l Boss #2: Bolly 0.70 kB 22 Feb 2013
bossrush3.j2l Boss #3: Bubba 0.70 kB 22 Feb 2013
bossrush4.j2l Boss #4: Robot 0.70 kB 22 Feb 2013
bossrush5.j2l Boss #5: Tuf 0.70 kB 22 Feb 2013
bossrush6.j2l Boss #6: Uterus 0.70 kB 22 Feb 2013
bossrush7.j2l Hurry up! 0.90 kB 22 Feb 2013
bossrush8.j2l FINAL BATTLE 0.86 kB 22 Feb 2013
bossrush9.j2l The Surprise 1.00 kB 22 Feb 2013
Super Mario Brothers.j2t Super Mario Brothers 43.21 kB 02 Jul 1999


The Boss Rush contains all bosses except Queen Boss all in 10 levels of fun! The boss #7 battle (Devil Devan) is similar to battling of final boss of Sonic 3.

Spaz now allowed, but mainly recommended with Jazz together.

JJ2+ recommended

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Not recommendedTreyLina rated 2.0

Incredibly uncreative, it’s just a boss slapped in an empty arena. Anyone can do that. Also, the screenshots are unrelated, and bossrush7 doesn’t even have a boss put in, it’s just an end area. Bossrush1 is annoying when Bilsy gets stuck in the wall. Test your damn levels before uploading them. The Devan boss is made easier for no reason.

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Review by guyisbackable

3 Mar 2013, 23:37 (edited 3 Mar 13, 23:46)
CTF Bug (2 Points)
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The Y-scroll being limited is dedicated to clouds.

The way for a high platform is:

1. Go to any wall. (Left or right)

2. Hold the down key and press right ctrl.

3. Then jump on the platform and climb all way until you reach the Devannic Rocket (the Devan’s boss arena and was controlled by Queen Boss).

4. When the next level loads in memory, clouds turn dark.

5. When you defeat Devan, clouds are light again.

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