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Unearth for helping me understand palettes and palette code, everyone who helped testing

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folTPG.j2l The Paint Game 9.39 kB 12 Mar 2013
folTPGnp.j2l The Paint Game 9.41 kB 14 Mar 2013
Top3PLUS.j2t Top 3 PLUS 136.38 kB 08 Oct 2009
starlight.xm Starlight 3430.68 kB 06 Nov 2010
folTPG.j2as 16.25 kB 14 Mar 2013
folTPGnp.j2as 16.25 kB 14 Mar 2013


The paint game is a new kind of gamemode/concept where teams have to “paint” as many tiles possible. This either be done by moving over tiles or by capturing areas. When one team has more players in an area than the other team that team starts capturing the area. The counter at the bottom of an area indicates how long it takes to capture the area. When one team has captured an area it will paint all tiles in the teams color and it will serve as spawn point for the team.

The score is a percentage of the tiles painted in one teams color (so if 40% of all tiles are painted red, the score for red is 40). It is updated every 10 secons and it also updates at the end of the game. The team with the most score after the timelimit has been reached wins the game.

For a good gameplay it is recommended to set the timelimit to 5 minutes and have at least 4 players. Also it is best to set /austostart off and use /start or /ready to start the game so people will have time to connect. It is also possible to use different colors, keep in mind that this will change the red and/or blue pallete. Changing colors can be done by setting the following triggers on:

Trigger 1: Green vs Red
Trigger 2: Purple vs Yellow
Trigger 3: Blue vs Orange
Trigger 4: Black vs White
Trigger 5: Blue vs Red (changes the palette back to normal)

A few last notes: – Players who join later will not see the tiles that are painted. – There can still be some minor bugs (like random tiles that get painted), some of them are unfixable for now. If you find any major bug please report it to me. – If you want to make a level using this code feel free to contact me, it’s not hard to modify the code for another level. – There is a pit and no pit version, the no pit version is folTPGnp.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.5

Recommendedminmay rated 8.5

The first public full implementation of a custom game mode in AngelScript, and it’s well worthy of it. While the included level is a bit plain and questionably balanced, the concept of the game mode more than makes up for it. I hope someone makes more levels for this game mode!

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