Forest Wheel (updated)

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1 Jul 2013 at 21:58 (Minor update on 3 Jul 2013)

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Violet CLM (More uploads by Violet CLM)
Thanks to the many folks who helped find bugs, hosted when I could not, or simply gave suggestions, esp. cooba and Blacky and Sal
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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forestwheel.j2l Forest Wheel 2.18 kB 01 Jul 2013
Jungle1_1.00gx.j2t Jungle1_1.00g fix 268.54 kB 08 Mar 2009
forestwheel.j2as 9.35 kB 03 Jul 2013


A silly level I made on Saturday and then spent a couple days fixing and polishing. Forest Wheel is a level that ignores the common wisdom of using masked tiles for floor, instead replacing them with thirty-six swinging platforms. The result looks kind of like a ferris wheel, and it uses the Jungle tileset, so I called it Forest Wheel. That’s the joke, you see.

More seriously, this level can simply be hosted in Battle (suggested: LRS) mode. Alternatively, if you host it in CTF mode, it will transform itself into a Bank Robbery level! Fun for everyone! The level should however be hosted by an idle (or at least spectating) server, since the host cannot play for certain technical reasons, and fireball is suggested over pepper spray.

The following options are available:
  • While Trigger 0 is on (“/trigger 0 on”), a MORPH BEAM of pure morphy goodness will periodically sweep through the level, changing your rabbit when it hits you.
  • While Trigger 1 is on, all the swinging platforms will have spikes.
  • UPDATE: While Trigger 2 is on, players will be harassed by Devan Shell.
  • While Trigger 3 is on, players will only receive coins while standing on platforms. (Bank Robbery mode only.)


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.6

RecommendedFoly rated 10

Awesome level! This was a great succes at the jdc event :)

Recommendedmaster sven rated 9

Let this be an example for everyone. Originality at its best!

RecommendedThunderWalker rated 9.8

An amazingly awesome little bugger, especially in that JDC event. Not perfect, but it is as close as it can get when factoring in the concept.

RecommendedSuperjazz rated 9.7

Oh yeah, and this is pure originality with scripting. It has been a big work as one can see. And the result is a really fun-to-play gimmick level that works for both battle and bank robbery with multiple custom features. Download recommended.

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