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6 Jul 2013 at 18:40 (Major update on 24 Apr 2017)

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Loon (More uploads by Loon)
Laro B. and the lovely JDC people who tested it =)
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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xlmalcatraz.j2l Alcatraz 18.53 kB 24 Apr 2017
ICMediv2o4.j2t IC - Mediv2o4 184.22 kB 07 Aug 2007
BubbleGun.j2a 3.35 kB 01 Apr 2015
wargate.s3m Wargate 806.07 kB 25 Oct 2000
xlmalcatraz.j2as 2.87 kB 24 Apr 2017


Well, this level needs some explanation. Laro and I decided to make a collaboration level. After we have had 3 maps skipped, we didn’t feel like making a map anymore.

At some point, I saw the ‘amazing’ eyecandy I made for this level, and I decided to make a level. Unfortunately without Laro. Maybe this was a good thing, so we didn’t arguing about eyecandy. Because Laro likes his style and I like mine of course.

But, for this level I used a different style I’m used to. Something I’ve tried to do with Tonight… (Which didn’t work well(update comes soon, I promise!))
I worked a lot on the gameplay in this map, also in the eyecandy, but mainly in the gameplay. Everything had to be as smooth as possible, no random diagonal tiles going up and down etcetera…

So the design is based on Alcatraz, but then further in time. I guess in the year 2313, maybe??

Anyway, the prisoners (red rabbits) broke out, and the police has to stop them (blue rabbits), so the level is more a team battle concept. See it as Cops ‘n Crooks in GTA 4.

The level has 4 powerups. Toaster, Rocket Fire, Seeker and Bouncer.

The Seeker- and Bouncerpowerups are a bit harder to get than the Rocket Fire and the Toaster powerups.

The level also has three carrots.

Please check out the map and leave a review below.

Please report any bugs you find in the level.

Kind regards,

EDIT: Removed all water events since they blocked the ambient lightning on the map. I also made a small tweak to the gameplay (replaced a horizon tile with a diagonal one). Oh, and there is one line ripped in the script since it was useless.

EDIT: Major update.
Added 2 powerups, 4 carrots and a shield. Since Ice was rather useless in this map I decided to replace it with the Bubble Gun.
I also decreased the spawntime of every item in the map since those were rather high.
And above all, the Seeker powerup is more easily to get, the same applies for the bouncer powerup which has been relocated.
Check out all the changes for yourself!

p.s. cooba, please forgive me.. :(..

Please redownload =).


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.3

RecommendedSuperjazz rated 9.5

Now this is a battle level of legendary quality. The theme is executed brilliantly, which is based on the legendary prison of Alcatraz from real-life. The level’s visual appeal(with a small piece of script) and music together create a perfect atmosphere for the theme, and the level designing is top-notch. This is definitely Loon’s best work.

Recommendedcooba rated 7

Nice big map with a decent layout, the eyecandy is a bit lacking though.

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RecommendedReview by Laro B.

7 Jul 2013, 11:07
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings9 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness61%

I’m glad you decided to continue working on this. :)

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Review by Loon

2 Apr 2014, 19:15
Bee Boy Swarm (41 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings25 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness55%

@ cooba, I know how to use JJ2+ in 2013. Too bad that I started working on this map in 2010 or so. I do know that I could have changed the water and lighting more easily. But this level has a script only for the water palette.

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