Bad Seed

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25 Jul 2013 at 00:02 (Minor update on 20 Jan 2015)

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cooba (More uploads by cooba)
JJ1 Level
Newspaz, Violet, Doubble Dutch, Blackraptor, Fantastic Four LP, the makers of <a href="">Kansas</a>
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LEVEL0.020 BAD SEED LEVEL ONE 31.84 kB 28 Jul 2013
BLOCKS.020 BAD SEED 173.27 kB 24 Jul 2013
PLANET.020 BAD SEED 4.20 kB 24 Jul 2013
PINSONG0.PSM 113.18 kB 09 May 1994
SPRITES.020 57.69 kB 24 Jul 2013
SAVE.0 2.67 kB 24 Jul 2013
SAVE.1 2.43 kB 24 Jul 2013
SAVE.2 0.96 kB 24 Jul 2013
SAVE.3 1.58 kB 24 Jul 2013


Bad Seed is the JJ1 level I’ve been working on and off since August 2009. I probably wouldn’t have ever finished it without Odin’s JJ1 Let’s Play.

The files included will replace the appropiate level, sprite and tileset files of the Megairbase boss level (020), so make sure you backup.

For the sake of convenience (not having to skip six levels to play this one) I included optional save games for each difficulty.

Fun fact: There’s a hidden Breaking Bad reference in classic JJ1 style. I’d put it about a month before season 3 even aired, and almost nobody has heard of the show back then. Now it’s only a matter of days until the final batch of episodes begins, and Breaking Bad is now a pop culture phenomenon. Shows you how long I’ve been slacking off on this.

Thanks to everyone who downloads this!

EDIT: Fixed a stupid filename issue that made the level unplayable. Thanks to FawFul for letting me know!

EDIT 2: The above problem is now properly fixed. (thanks Violet)


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RecommendedReview by Newspaz

27 Jul 2013, 16:26 (edited 28 Jul 13, 07:57)
Spaz Slackrabbit (140 Points)
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I sort of remember promising I’d review this, so here we go ;-).

I don’t remember playing the very first versions of this as being a very pleasant experience for some reason. Of course the artwork is nice, the chosen enemies were awesome (except for one) and the level layout is just the way I generally like it. But there was one big something that sort of put me off.

When I started playing I immediately realized that it was the difficulty that put me off in the first place. So my very first action was to go back to the main menu and load the save game for the easy difficulty instead of the medium difficulty (thanks for adding those by the way). I’m a wimp, what can I say. I managed to get through the level only losing a single life this way. The things that made my life most difficult were the trigger happy turtles, and the toaster shooters. Okay, so that’s enough about the difficulty. On to the good stuff, because the difficulty really is the only bone I could pick with it. The level actually is a lot of fun to play.

I never really adored this tileset in particular, but I love the way it looks in JJ1. You made some clever additions too to make it fit in better, like black backgrounds and the splashing waterfall. If I wouldn’t know better I probably would have guessed that it was an original. I also really like the background in this level. It is an interesting purple that fades to blueish, black and even green colors. That might sound weird, but it doesn’t distract the player. I guess most people won’t even notice it during their first run through the level.

The layout of the level is enjoyable. There’s not a huge wealth of pickups and ammo, but it’s well balanced and carrots and checkpoints are in the right places. You can tell from cooba’s style that he enjoys puzzles. There are a few hidden passages and platforms that you need to find before you can advance to the next part of the level. It also occurs a few times that cooba sends you to an area to have you pick up an item that you need to access another area in the level. I personally am a big fan of stuff like this, but I can imagine it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

A tiny point of criticism: I thought the silver bullet enemy was kind of disappointing. Especially when you look at how much time cooba spent on all of the other sprites. This might have to do with the fact that he decided he’d rather have a level out, than have it sit on his hard drive for another two years though. It’s a tiny flaw for me, but one I can live with. I can imagine that he might not even have bothered to finish the level if he would have had to put in much more time.

Overal: if you like puzzles, Jazz1 and a bit of a challenge, I’d say go for it. Good job cooba.

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RecommendedReview by BlackRaven

16 Dec 2014, 05:24
CTF Bug (2 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings2 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness100%

I always love seeing new Jazz1 levels being uploaded, especially when they include completely new worlds, not just new levels on existing planets. I’ve always preferred Jazz1 to Jazz2, and I think it catastrophically lacks in custom levels in comparison to its sequel.

So, about this level: it is great. It fits into the game perfectly, I find it has the same kind of layout used in regular Jazz levels, and the music not only fits the atmosphere of the level but sounds as if it has been written by Robert Allen specifically for Jazz Jackrabbit. The level is incredibly good looking, I love its atmosphere and eye candy is perfect.

I did not find the level too difficult, in fact I’d say it is easier than most custom Jazz1 levels. I think it is just a bit harder than your average Jazz1 level.

I give this level great big 10/10 on all aspects (design, gameplay, music selection, difficulty). Downloading this is a must!

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