Depths of Void

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2 Sep 2013 at 18:32 (Minor update on 7 Sep 2013)

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Foly (More uploads by Foly)
Capture the flag
Sir Ementaler, Loon, Kenny, Jaguar, Jenny
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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folctf03.j2l Depths of Void 8.46 kB 02 Sep 2013
CasMine123.j2t Casualty Mine 1.23 112.47 kB 26 Jun 2009
cavesii.xm Caves of Mysteries 2 626.90 kB 12 Jan 2010
folctf03.j2as 0.95 kB 02 Sep 2013


A level I made for the JJnetS8 level competition. This is also my second ctf level I uploaded. Compared to the first one it’s much more closer and smaller, fit for 2v2/3v3 and maybe even duels.

Also I got inspired by The Canyon by Dodges for the background eyecandy.


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Review by master sven

7 Sep 2013, 08:59 (edited 7 Sep 13, 09:13)
Spaz Slackrabbit (121 Points)
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Gameplay: 2.1 / 3.4

Placement: 0.3 / 0.8

Although the powerups are placed nicely, perhaps you could have placed at least one above, as they are all on the bottom of the level. The carrot slightly compensates it, though it can fall down easily. Ammo pickups are placed nicely and don’t think there is a lack of them.

Flow: 1.8 / 2.6

This level consists out of many small areas. They are however, big enough to have nice individual combat there. Also little springs are used, players can gain altitude by jumping on higher platforms or using vines, those are actually the only 2 ways in this level. Both teams have a warp to get to the bottom of the opponents base, though you can move through the carrot area only from one base, so that’s a bit biased. If this level had some spectacular original gameplay it would have been even better.

Eyecandy: 2.3 / 3.3

The background looks very detailed and certainly adds to the feeling the level gives you. The platforms all look much alike, of course you are bounded to the tileset though. Not much foreground to be seen here, you could’ve decided to add the things hanging from the ceiling to the foreground.

Originality: 2.0 / 3.3

As said before, this level lacks real inventive gameplay. Though the layout doesn’t really look much like other levels. Also the potential carrot area is quite a big part of the level, you did a good job there. I also like the hollowed out dead end at the toaster PU which causes the dead end to be not much of a problem.

Final Grade: 6.4

Can’t touch this!

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