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20 Oct 2013 at 02:08 (Minor update on 20 Oct 2013)

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Violet CLM (More uploads by Violet CLM)
Single player
Playtested by the usual gang of suspects. Tileset by Agama.
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
ozymandius.zip (789.72 kB)

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Ozymandius.j2l Ozymandius 11.00 kB 17 Oct 2013
Egypt.j2t Egypt (day) 223.15 kB 14 Oct 2013
dueloffates.it "Duel of the Fates" from S 347.70 kB 30 Jul 2001
Ozymandius.j2as 94.38 kB 19 Oct 2013
zarathus.mo3 241.33 kB 14 Oct 2013


One of the new features in the latest JJ2+ release is mouse aiming. That’s perfectly all right in an online server, where the host gets to decide whether you should be allowed to use it or not, but a lot of single player levels really aren’t designed with variable firing angles in mind. So I decided to make one that is! Ozymandius is a quick, combat-heavy romp through a deserty planet that pits you against plenty of brand-new enemies and bosses. Learn to use the mouse, and nine powerful weapons along with it… or die. Your decision, pal; your choice.

If you’re having trouble, a video playthrough is provided, but note that the video shows the entire level, every 1up location, and strategies for nearly all the bosses.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.8

Recommendedcooba rated 10

Barrier shattering, record breaking. Incredible all around.

RecommendedMilloCz rated 10


Offtopic question; why don’t you rather upload these videos on Youtube? It would raise JJ2’s popularity.


RecommendedColdMetal rated 10

Outstanding, plain and simple. This level really raises the bar when it comes to making use of AngelScript.

If this is an example of what is now possible through JJ2+, then I’m looking forward to seeing more uploads in the future.

RecommendedSuperjazz rated 10

This level is a YOLO. Download!

RecommendedFoly rated 10

Amazing level that shows many of the new AngelScript features the new plus has to offer. I never could have imagined to see such a gameplay changing level.

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 10

violet kicks all of our asses in jcs it seems

RecommendedFawFul rated 9

Violet kicks all of our asses in angelscript, but not quite with the basic jcs. We, generally speaking are all very amazed by the ridiculously cool script. But if you take away the scripting part, the level itself is far off from evilmikes SP works in JCS. There is more to offer for the jj2 future!

RecommendedDennisKainz rated 9.5

I always loved customized enemies and bosses. I couldn’t be more satisfied!

RecommendedGoldRabbit rated 10

is this jj2

RecommendedLoon rated 9.4

Mostly agreed with FawFuL on this upload.

RecommendedZoro rated 9.5

An awesome level with a smart use of the AngelScripts functions. JJ2 may have really good future!
Keep going!

RecommendedPrimpy rated 10

Let me see… great tileset, incredibly good scripting, and great music and design!
However, I didn’t like the control set. In rest it was great!
10/10 would play again!

Recommendedpotato12309 rated 10

It’s simply perfect, it feels as if it was an official level, and it implements a feature that i’d like to see more of in multiplayer matches

RecommendedKiller NC rated 9.5

This level is pretty cool and I like it….Looks like an Egyptian level that is made by another tool :D

RecommendedSpaz Electro rated 10

very cool level, i like it a lot

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RecommendedReview by ForthRightMC

8 Jun 2016, 10:05 (edited 26 Jun 16, 06:54)
CTF Bug (8 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings8 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness15%

Very good level! The anglescript code is superb! I can also change music in angelscript using Notepad++.

Also, you forgot to insert the rest of music Violet CLM.

I also like custom weapons like shield cubes, ricochet fire, chain launcher and flaming footprint. I also think about the angelscript code of ricochet fire weapon.

By the way, the level is awesome!

10/10 HYPE!

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