Multi-Layer Level Editor (v2.19)

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24 Oct 2013 at 20:15 (Minor update on 3 Jan 2023)

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Violet CLM (More uploads by Violet CLM)
thanks to Neobeo for specifications and sound code; Overlord for password specifications; DJazz for experimenting and provocation; Jerry for everything Battery Check; Jerry and zapS for help with .LEV files; cooba for icon; Seren, BlurredD, grovespaz, Assassin, and redkevvy for contributing code
MLLE Jan (2.16 MB)

File contents

Changelog.txt 32.60 kB 02 Jan 2023
MLLE-DefaultWeapons.asc 15.19 kB 22 Aug 2019
MLLE-Weapons.asc 47.25 kB 06 Sep 2019
bass.dll 102.55 kB 20 Apr 2017
Bass.Net.dll 600.00 kB 20 Apr 2017
Ionic.Zlib.CF.dll 80.50 kB 03 Dec 2017
OpenTK.dll 2656.00 kB 20 Apr 2017
OpenTK.GLControl.dll 24.00 kB 20 Apr 2017
MLLE.exe 1160.00 kB 02 Jan 2023
blaster.gif 0.87 kB 10 May 2019
bouncer.gif 0.92 kB 10 May 2019
electro.gif 1.06 kB 10 May 2019
ice.gif 0.93 kB 10 May 2019
pepper.gif 0.92 kB 10 May 2019
rf.gif 0.94 kB 10 May 2019
seeker.gif 0.98 kB 10 May 2019
tnt.gif 1.09 kB 10 May 2019
toaster.gif 0.91 kB 10 May 2019
AGAEventPointerList.ini 3.32 kB 20 Apr 2017
default weapons.ini 1.43 kB 07 Jul 2019
Jazz Events JCS Style.ini 19.90 kB 21 Apr 2019
Jazz Events Modern Style.ini 19.93 kB 21 Apr 2019
Jazz Events Plus Style.ini 20.77 kB 21 Apr 2019
MLLE.ini 0.41 kB 23 Jun 2017
MLLEProfile - 100gh.ini 1.98 kB 20 Apr 2017
MLLEProfile - 110o.ini 2.03 kB 20 Apr 2017
MLLEProfile - AGA.ini 13.33 kB 20 Apr 2017
MLLEProfile - Battery Check.ini 3.84 kB 20 Apr 2017
MLLEProfile - JJ2.ini 1.47 kB 02 Aug 2022
MLLEProfile - TSF.ini 1.01 kB 02 Aug 2022
MLLE.pdb 693.50 kB 02 Jan 2023
Generator.png 0.26 kB 20 Apr 2017
MLLE Event Sprites - Battery Check.png 33.68 kB 18 Oct 2021
MLLE Event Sprites - Jazz.png 191.88 kB 19 Oct 2021
SelectionRectangles.png 0.45 kB 20 Apr 2017
Beach.MLLESet 2.44 kB 27 Mar 2020
Beach2.MLLESet 2.44 kB 27 Mar 2020
Carrot1.MLLESet 4.52 kB 23 Mar 2020
Carrot1N.MLLESet 4.53 kB 28 Mar 2020
Castle1.MLLESet 1.59 kB 28 Mar 2020
Castle1N.MLLESet 1.60 kB 28 Mar 2020
Colon1.MLLESet 2.84 kB 28 Mar 2020
Colon2.MLLESet 2.82 kB 28 Mar 2020
Damn1.MLLESet 1.54 kB 28 Mar 2020
Damn2.MLLESet 1.54 kB 28 Mar 2020
Diam1.MLLESet 1.88 kB 28 Mar 2020
Diam2.MLLESet 1.88 kB 28 Mar 2020
Easter.MLLESet 4.53 kB 28 Mar 2020
Easter99.MLLESet 4.64 kB 28 Mar 2020
Jungle1.MLLESet 2.62 kB 25 Mar 2020
Jungle2.MLLESet 2.62 kB 25 Mar 2020
Labrat1.MLLESet 1.78 kB 28 Mar 2020
Labrat1N.MLLESet 1.78 kB 28 Mar 2020
Labrat3.MLLESet 1.49 kB 28 Mar 2020
Medivo.MLLESet 1.80 kB 25 Mar 2020
Medivo2.MLLESet 1.79 kB 28 Mar 2020
Psych1.MLLESet 1.16 kB 21 Mar 2020
Psych2.MLLESet 1.17 kB 28 Mar 2020
Tube.MLLESet 1.23 kB 23 Mar 2020
TubeNite.MLLESet 1.23 kB 23 Mar 2020
Xmas1.MLLESet 3.22 kB 26 Mar 2020
Xmas2.MLLESet 3.22 kB 26 Mar 2020
Xmas3.MLLESet 3.22 kB 26 Mar 2020


A (largely stable) alternative level editor to JCS. MLLE offers various options that JCS does not, such as JJ2+ support (particularly infinite layers and tilesets per level, multiple palette editing, super-easy custom weapons, redrawable tiles/masks, and more flexible object placement), fill and rectangle drawing tools, longer text strings, an integrated layer edit/parallax view screen, zooming above 100%, typing event names, more useful parameter fields for many events, autocompleting tiles, more complex tile selection options, a redo buffer, better layer resizing, automatic ZIP creation, and support (both editing levels and creating tilesets) for every single related game (1.23, 1.24, Battery Check, 1.10o, 1.00g/h, and Animaniacs: A Gigantic Adventure) (for the latter two, this is the only program of any kind that exists for editing them).

Installation instructions:
  • If you already have a previous release of MLLE installed, you should generally only need to extract “MLLE.exe” and “MLLE.pdb,” as they are the only files that tend to change.
  • The “Weapons” folder itself should be in the same folder as MLLE.exe.
  • The contents of the “ExtractToJJ2+Folder” folder should be extracted into the same folder as Jazz2.exe.
  • Extract the contents of Standard Weapon Interface into your JJ2+ folder prior to using MLLE’s Weapons window.

There’s no help file, because help files are hard, but here are some hotkeys:
1-8: View that layer.
Ctrl + 1-8: Edit layer properties for that layer.
Ctrl + plus/minus: Zoom in/out.
Ctrl + M: Toggle mask mode.
M: View partial mask.
Ctrl + P: Toggle parallax mode.
P: View partial parallax.
Ctrl + V: Toggle event view.
Ctrl + Shift + R: Save & Run, with the start position temporarily moved to wherever your mouse is.
F, Backspace, E, Ctrl + E, Shift + E: You know how these things work.
I: Flip tiles vertically (available only for JJ2+ levels)
Comma: Copy current tile.
Shift + Comma: Copy current tile and the event on it.
B: Begin or end a selection of tiles to grab.
Delete: Clear layer/selection.
Ctrl + C: Copy current selection.
Ctrl + X: Copy and delete current selection.
Ctrl + D: Deselect all.
Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + Y: Undo, Redo.
For editing tileset:
Shift + T: Assign tile transparent tiletype.
Shift + 0-9: Assign tile that tiletype, if possible. (e.g. 1 for Transparent and 4 for Caption in regular JJ2 levels.)
Additionally, holding down the Control key while using either of the first two drawing tools (Paintbrush and Fill) triggers an alternate mode wherein they work somewhat differently. The Control key also serves as an eyedropper tool when you are redrawing tile images in JJ2+ levels.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.6

Cansin13 rated N/A

Great! the old level Editor!

[I don’t think you quite understand. Original rating 5.5. ~cooba]

Recommendedcooba rated 9

Lots of cool stuff that I’ve always wanted to see in JCS ever since I started using it (12 years and counting).

EDIT: Removed what was a bit too harsh.

RecommendedLark rated 10

lol people are silly yellin’ on the internet and all. anyway, great job buddy your contributions are great. i dont get how to use this thing to its full extent, nor do i think im gonna find out given that my time with jcs is short aka no time with jcs, or mlle i should say.

RecommendedSaVn rated 7.9

Beautiful level editor! I will use this to make a level, you see the layout of the level, events covered and not covered by foregruond BG.

BUGS: In text Srings, if I put the “ยง”, the level crashes.

Final score: almost 8! Download reccomended !!!!!!!

[Review changed to quick review, see the review rules.

RecommendedJelly Jam rated 10

Way easier to use than JCS and the features are more than useful.

Darkhog rated N/A

Constant crashes, can’t even render parallax (at first I’ve thought it would be displayed in the main window as there seems to be no parallax window, but it does nothing and parallax doesn’t show. Also, it shows this on startup:

[Don’t rate utilities that are not functional ~cooba]

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 10

Absolutely essential for modern JJ2 level design.

RecommendedForthRightMC rated 10

Perfect editor for modern JJ2+ levels!


Download surely recommended

RecommendedPrimpy rated 10

Very handy tool.

RecommendedSuperjazz rated 9.5

What can I say, this editor eases a level maker’s job at creating very creative levels by a landslide. At the beginning it may take a short while to get used to if you have been using JCS for years, but after that it really pays back in speed and diversity.

RecommendedFawFul rated 10

This sole program kept content creation in jj2 alive. Fills the gap to make jj2+ and content creation streamlined. Everything that is here is already top notch, i hope to see future updates that make tileset/palette editing even easier. Nevertheless this deserves a 10.0 already.

RecommendedLoon rated 10


User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 10

RecommendedReview by Killer NC

17 Mar 2020, 09:58 (edited 5 Dec 20, 19:21)
CTF Bug (2 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings2 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Ok…First of all … This editor is actually weird and now I am going to talk about the details of this editor. (Bugs “-” and goods”+”)
+ It is good for paletting and drawing new tiles and editing tileset.
+ Good for making a j2as without opening the program, but you have to set tge default program first.
- Paletting is very difficult that you do to change the tileset color, I may ruin it, so I advise you to be much better in coloring the tileset.
+ You can search for events without hacing a long time while looking for an event.
+ Adding new layers is very good, that you can make about 100 layer with a forest and natural areas, makes the level good.
+ Instead of typing a number, you can check a box, or chossing the type easily.
- This program needs 4.8 to work, firstly the program didn’t save changes, but when I tried to install before, it was not supported for opering my system, so I had to change my windows.
+ And finally I see a jazz jackrabbit 2 editor that can browse for music and play it while making a level, so it won’t be nassecery to know the music file name correctly, by typing the first two letters of the file, it appeares completely.
+ Yeah, and the four texturesare now set! thanks.
+ Flipping vertically is very good.
+ I can name this editor to a tileset creator! Because of editing tiles and adding new tilesets!

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