Looking for answers - part 1

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4 Dec 2013 at 22:08 (Minor update on 4 Dec 2013)

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R.Tasheva G.Mitov

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Lapin 1.j2l Looking for answers 1.59 kB 04 Dec 2013
LAPIN 2.j2l The clearings of evaporation 11.60 kB 04 Dec 2013
Lapin 3 -.j2l Tenebres 1.76 kB 04 Dec 2013
lapin 3.j2l A storm approaches 69.08 kB 04 Dec 2013
Lapin 4 -.j2l Isolation 1.36 kB 04 Dec 2013
Lapin 4.j2l In the mountain 75.78 kB 04 Dec 2013
Lapin 5.j2l Origin of life 79.10 kB 04 Dec 2013
dd02.j2t Diamond Dust 02 218.12 kB 26 Apr 2012
Fortress.j2t Fortress of Forgotten Souls 135.31 kB 21 Jan 2008
GloweeB-fix.j2t Glowee Blue (fixed) 63.32 kB 26 Apr 2012
HauntedH1Hell.j2t Haunted House Hell 296.91 kB 16 Mar 2004
New Diamondus 3.j2t New Diamondus 3 274.64 kB 26 Apr 2012
texte 4.j2t texte 4 21.83 kB 04 Dec 2013
jm-deepd3.it Deep Dungeon 3 - Dark Fest 240.64 kB 08 Aug 2004
void.it Empty Void 1741.05 kB 26 Apr 2012
ds_myst.xm Mysterius Times 1670.26 kB 21 Dec 2002
flutes.xm Flutes Of Hope 146.42 kB 26 Apr 2012
mad_hatter_-_paranoia.xm Paranoia.mh 890.83 kB 26 Apr 2012
synthemespk.xm Synigen Theme -SPK 1620.66 kB 26 Apr 2012
ICEFRONT.S3M Ice Frontier 230.00 kB 26 Apr 2012


The first few levels of a pack which is not completed yet. If people are interested in this, I might upload the full episode when it is done.
1.Even though this was originally made for TSF, it probably cannot be completed with Lory;
2.Difficulty level is quite high;
3.These levels are translated from a foreign language, so typing errors(if any) are due to that;
4.The pack is gameplay – oriented, story elements are only symbolic (for now);
5. It is recommended to save the game only in levels that allow you to do so(like in most big levelpacks). Some levels may crash the game even if you attempt to open the menu or if you lose all your lives.


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Quick Reviews Average: 7

DennisKainz rated 7

Not finished yet? READ RULE 2

You could use AngelScript for the Intro, to remove the stats and make the level skip immediate.

Levels are way frustrating, but well done. All tiles fit, and events work, although there are massive walls and floors being completely stright.

And why Diamondus? Isn’t it Russian Revolution?

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