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15 Apr 2014 at 10:31 (Minor update on 17 Apr 2014)

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incandescentembers (More uploads by incandescentembers)
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Readme.txt 5.47 kB 15 Apr 2014
A_J1B.j2t J1 Bloxonius (zapS) 50.77 kB 14 Apr 2014
BattleShipsB.j2t J1 Battleships (v2) B 45.74 kB 14 Apr 2014
BattleShipsBL+.j2t J1 Battleships (v2) BL+ 54.96 kB 14 Apr 2014
BattleShipsBl.j2t J1 Battleships (v2) BL 45.64 kB 14 Apr 2014
Battleshipsv2jung.j2t J1 Battleships (v2) Jungle 68.94 kB 14 Apr 2014
CrysilisV.j2t J1 Crysilis (V) 140.23 kB 12 Apr 2014
CrysilisV2.j2t J1 Crysilis (V) 2 137.79 kB 12 Apr 2014
CrysilisV3.j2t J1 Crysilis (V) 3 141.06 kB 12 Apr 2014
Dreempipes.j2t J1 Dreempipes (V) 106.80 kB 14 Apr 2014
ExoticusV.j2t J1 Exoticus (V) 135.79 kB 12 Apr 2014
ExoticusW.j2t J1 Exoticus (V) Winter 136.39 kB 12 Apr 2014
HolidaiusD.j2t J1 Holidaius (V) Day 73.99 kB 14 Apr 2014
HolidaiusE.j2t J1 Holidaius (V) Evening 73.64 kB 14 Apr 2014
HolidaiusN.j2t J1 Holidaius (V) Night 72.97 kB 14 Apr 2014
Industry-night.j2t J1 Industrius (Noka) Night 71.83 kB 14 Apr 2014
Industry.j2t J1 Industrius (Noka) 72.51 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Battleships.j2t J1 Battleships (Cell) 35.74 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Battleshipsv2.j2t J1 Battleships (v2) 52.97 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Blocks2.j2t J1 Bloxonius (TB) 24.53 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Blocks3.j2t J1 Bloxonius (TB) Halloween 27.17 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1BlocksFIX.j2t J1 Bloxonius (Nitro) 16.12 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Ceramicus.j2t J1 Ceramicus (Cell) 11.69 kB 12 Apr 2014
J1Crysilis.j2t J1 Crysilis (FoD) 57.19 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Diamondus.j2t J1 Diamondus 36.29 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Exoticus.j2t J1 Exoticus (Cell) 27.32 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Fanolint.j2t J1 Fanolint (IW) 16.70 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Jungrock.j2t J1 Jungrock (Cell) 61.84 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Marbelara.j2t J1 Marbelara (Cell) 130.51 kB 12 Apr 2014
J1Mayhem.j2t J1 Mayhem (Haze) 87.87 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Medivo (IW).j2t J1 Medivo (IW) 13.59 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Medivo.j2t J1 Medivo (Cell) 55.88 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Megairbase.j2t J1 Megairbase (IW) 22.63 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Pezrock.j2t J1 Pezrock (FoD) 42.73 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Scraprap.j2t J1 Scraparap (V) 63.68 kB 12 Apr 2014
J1Sluggion old.j2t J1 Sluggion (V) old 49.67 kB 12 Apr 2014
J1Sluggion.j2t J1 Sluggion (V) 47.02 kB 12 Apr 2014
J1Stonar old.j2t J1 Stonar (Cell) old 42.89 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Stonar.j2t J1 Stonar (Cell) 45.18 kB 14 Apr 2014
J1Tubeelec.j2t J1 Tubelec (Newspaz) 23.83 kB 14 Apr 2014
J2LCExoticafix.j2t J1 Exoticus (J2LC) 38.96 kB 14 Apr 2014
Jazz 1 Exoticus v1.4.j2t J1 Exoticus + Candion 76.87 kB 14 Apr 2014
Jazz 1 Fanolint.j2t J1 Fanolint (S1) 44.60 kB 14 Apr 2014
Jazz 1 Letni.j2t J1 Letni (Cell) 38.07 kB 14 Apr 2014
Jazz 1 Muckamo v1.5b.j2t J1 Muckamok + Marbelara 89.89 kB 14 Apr 2014
Jazz 1 Technoir.j2t J1 Technoir(Newspaz) 22.20 kB 14 Apr 2014
Jazz1 Raneforus.j2t J1 Raneforus (JSZ) 108.34 kB 14 Apr 2014
Jazz1Candion.j2t J1 Candion (V) 102.16 kB 14 Apr 2014
Jazz1Medivo.j2t J1 Medivo (Cell) old 19.11 kB 14 Apr 2014
Jazz1Nippius.j2t J1 Nippius (V) 93.94 kB 14 Apr 2014
JJ1 Bloxinius.j2t J1 Bloxonius (JSZ) 22.30 kB 14 Apr 2014
JJ1 Bloxonius LRK.j2t J1 Bloxonius (LRK) 84.05 kB 14 Apr 2014
JJ1 Carrotus!.j2t J1 Carrottus 59.14 kB 12 Apr 2014
JJ1 Deckstar.j2t J1 Deckstar (S1) 66.41 kB 14 Apr 2014
JJ1 Diamondus -NOKA.j2t J1 Diamondus (Noka) 141.81 kB 12 Apr 2014
JJ1 DiamondusDay -NOKA.j2t J1 Diamondus (Noka) Day 141.81 kB 12 Apr 2014
JJ1 DiamondusEvening -NOKA.j2t J1 Diamondus (Noka) Evening 141.69 kB 12 Apr 2014
JJ1 DiamondusNight -NOKA.j2t J1 Diamondus (Noka) Night 142.32 kB 12 Apr 2014
JJ1 Fanolint v1.2.j2t J1 Fanolint (Minmay) (v1.2) 86.80 kB 14 Apr 2014
JJ1 Fanolint.j2t J1 Fanolint (Minmay) 54.43 kB 14 Apr 2014
JJ1 Industrius 2005.j2t J1 Industrius (LRK) 2005 93.67 kB 14 Apr 2014
JJ1 Industrius Evening.j2t J1 Industrius (LRK) 2005 Evening 93.82 kB 14 Apr 2014
JJ1 Industrius.j2t J1 Industrius (LRK) 57.75 kB 14 Apr 2014
JJ1 Tubelectric NOKA.j2t J1 Tubelec (Noka) 124.72 kB 12 Apr 2014
JJ1 Turtemple -NOKA.j2t J1 Turtemple (Noka) 148.93 kB 12 Apr 2014
JJ1 Turtemple2 -NOKA.j2t J1 Turtemple (Noka) Night 148.99 kB 12 Apr 2014
JJ1 TurtempleHeaven -NOKA.j2t J1 Turtemple (Noka) Heaven 148.89 kB 12 Apr 2014
JJ1 TurtempleWild -NOKA.j2t J1 Turtemple (Noka) Wild 148.97 kB 12 Apr 2014
JJ1Ceramicus.j2t J1 Ceramicus (Noka) 137.50 kB 12 Apr 2014
JJ1CeramicusNight.j2t J1 Ceramicus (Noka) Night 137.53 kB 12 Apr 2014
JJ1Deserto.j2t J1 Deserto (V) 76.77 kB 14 Apr 2014
JJ1Industrius(Fix).j2t J1 Industrius (Rooster) 44.57 kB 14 Apr 2014
JJ1Mayhem.j2t J1 Mayhem (New's Edit) 88.93 kB 14 Apr 2014
jungrocklrk.j2t J1 Jungrock (LRK) 96.91 kB 14 Apr 2014
Lagunicus.j2t J1 Lagunicus (V) 111.11 kB 14 Apr 2014
Marbelara.j2t J1 Marbelara (Tarquin) 63.29 kB 14 Apr 2014
MedvioD.j2t J1 Medivo (V) 112.00 kB 14 Apr 2014
Megairbase.j2t J1 Megairbase (V) 33.55 kB 14 Apr 2014
MuckamokDay.j2t J1 Muckamok (Haze) Day 76.73 kB 14 Apr 2014
MuckamokNight.j2t J1 Muckamok (Haze) Night 73.92 kB 14 Apr 2014
OrbitusV.j2t J1 Orbitus (V) 67.73 kB 12 Apr 2014
PezroxV.j2t J1 Pezrock (V) 109.88 kB 14 Apr 2014
Qobcandi.j2t J1 Candion (Dethman) 38.33 kB 14 Apr 2014
Raneforus.j2t J1 Raneforus (Tarquin) 81.38 kB 14 Apr 2014
RaneforusV Fut.j2t J1 Raneforus (V) Future 174.89 kB 12 Apr 2014
RaneforusV N.j2t J1 Raneforus (V) Night 198.96 kB 12 Apr 2014
RaneforusV Pr.j2t J1 Raneforus (V) Present 187.02 kB 12 Apr 2014
RaneforusV Pst.j2t J1 Raneforus (V) Past 191.09 kB 12 Apr 2014
Scraparap2.j2t J1 Scraparap (V) v2 94.86 kB 12 Apr 2014
Scraparap2N.j2t J1 Scraparap (V) v2 Night 94.26 kB 12 Apr 2014
Stonar1.j2t J1 Stonar (LRK) 65.23 kB 14 Apr 2014
xmaspack.j2t J1 Xmas Pack 65.67 kB 14 Apr 2014


First of all I really hope that I’m not breaking any rules, as I will state:
However this upload took me a lot of work. I collected all the JJ1 conversions I could find, then I selected the usable versions,eliminated doublets and made an order with the JCS names. I did NOT modified anything besides that name – the tilesets are in their original form with their original filenames.

Why? Because the JCS names of the JJ1 conversions is a huge mess. If someone has a lot of conversions it is extremely hard to find a desired one. Sometimes it is not even possible, since some of them have the same JCS names and JCS treats different tilesets with the same JCS name as one. You can only view 1 version, while not even knowing that the other one is hiding. Apart from that the alphabetization is messed up due to the fact of not having any standard which “prefix” to use. Some use “Jazz1”, some, “JJ1:”, “J1 – “, “J1”, “j1_” etc. I decided to change everything to the shortest possible: J1. That is followed just by a single space (no dots, no macron etc.) and a name of a planet. On the end tere are some symbols to represent the author of the conversion in order to have a clear view – to have different versions alphabetized right next to each other, so you can easily compare them.

I use (V) to indicate that the conversion is done by Violet CLM, (LRK) for Labrat Kid, (IW) for Ice Wolf, (JSZ) for JSZ Jazz, (FoD) for FoD MERC, (S1) for Sonicnathan 1, and (TB) for Toxic Bunny.

You should extract all the tilesets in your JJ2 folder and REPLACE all the files with the same filename that your folder contains. That way you will have a fixed alphabetization of all the JJ1 conversions. And your collection of them wil be more complete (as I doubt people know all of the conversions that I have included).

  • THIS WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR LEVELS IN ANY WAY! The levels will still find all the tilesets, as only the filename can affect that, and, as I said earlier, filenames are not changed.

**Also: THIS COLLECTION DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY GARBAGE (some bad conversions that aren’t usable in any way).

The collection includes 91 conversions:

Battleships: 2 versions, 1 of them with 4 additional modifications;
Bloxonius: 5 versions, 1 of them with 1 alternative pallette;
Candion: 2 versions;
Carrottus: 1 version;
Ceramicus: 2 versions, 1 of them with alternative pallette;
Crysilis: 2 versions, 1 of them with 2 alternative pallettes;
Deckstar: 1 version;
Deserto: 1 version
Diamondus: 2 versions; 1 of them with 3 alt. pal.
Dreempipes: 1 version;
Exoticus: 3 versions; 1 o them with 1 alt. pal
Fanolint: 4 versions;
Holidaius Day: 1 version
Holidaius Evening: 1 version
Holidaius Night: 1 version
Industrius: 4 versions, 2 of the with 1 alt pal.
Jungrock: 2 versions;
Lagunicus: 1 version
Letni: 1 version
Marbelara: 2 versions;
Medivo: 4 versions;
Megairbase: 2 versions;
Muckamok: 1 version with 1 alt pal.
Nippius: 1 version;
Orbitus: 1 version;
Pezrock: 2 versions;
Raneforus: 3 versions; 1 of them with 3 alt pal.
Scraparap: 2 versions; 1 of them with 1 alt pal;
Sluggion: 2 versions;
Stonar: 3 versions
Technoir: 1 version
Tube Electric: 2 versions;
Turtemple: 1 version with 3 alt pal.
5 merges: 2 versions of Mayhem, Exoticus + Candion, Muckamok + Marbelara & Xmas Pack

This collection does NOT include:

1. Remakes of JJ1 tilesets (like for example Noka’s Letni or Gus’ Exoticus), just the CONVERSIONS.

2. Any of the JJ1 conversions included with the official Jazz Jackrabbit 2 game (the reason being they are extremely bad and I haven’t seen them used in a single good level).

3. Some of the extremely bad conversions, which, at the same time, are not used in any reasonable level. For example:
- This conversion of Marbelara: http://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/3853/-/
- The infamous conversion of Nippius made by Catz

4. Lastly, some doublets, or old versions are covered by the newer ones. Here is the list (all the names here are filenames j2t):

j1pezrockOLD is the same as J1Pezrock

JJ1 Bloxonius (LRK) is the same as JJ1 Bloxonius LRK

Jazz 1 Ceramicus is the older version of J1Ceramicus (where all the tiles are the same, the newer version is just extended)

Deserto ( http://www.jazz2online.com/downloads/files/2715/deserto.j2t/info/ ) is Tarquin’s original version of Deserto, which later was extended by Violet CLM.

Jazz 1 Exoticus is the same as J1Exoticus

Jazz 1 Jungrock is the same as J1Jungrock

JJ1 Raneforus is JSZ Jazz’s old version of Jazz1 Raneforus (which is just extended)

CREDITS: First of all: Violet CLM for teaching me how to change tilesets’ JCS names, then all the tileset conversions authors:

Violet CLM: Candion, Crysilis, Deserto, Dreempipes, Exoticus, Holidaius (Day, Evening, Night), Lagunicus, Medivo, Megairbase, Nippius, Orbitus, Pezrock, Raneforus, Scraparap, Scraparap v2, Sluggion,

Noka: Carrottus, Ceramicus, Diamondus, Industrius, Tubelec, Turtemple

Cell: Battleships, Battleships v2, Ceramicus, Exoticus, Jungrock, Letni, Marbelara, Medivo, Stonar,

Labrat Kid: Bloxonius, Industrius, Industrius 2005, Jungrock, Stonar

Haze: Mayhem, Muckamok

Astronia: Exoticus + Candion, Muckamok + Marbelara, Xmas Pack

Ice Wolf: Fanolint, Medivo, Megairbase

JSZ Jazz: Bloxonius, Raneforus

FoD Merc: Crysilis, Pezrock

Sonicnathan 1: Deckstar, Fanolint

Minmay: Fanolint, Fanolint v1.2

Tarquin: Marbelara, Raneforus

Newspaz: Technoir, Tubelec

Toxic Bunny: Bloxonius

zapS: Bloxonius

Dethman: Candion

J2LC: Exoticus

Nitro: Bloxonius

Rooster: Industrius


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Review by PurpleJazz

17 Apr 2014, 09:59
Spaz Slackrabbit (106 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings55 Featured reviews8 Average helpfulness75%

I’m not sure why you even bothered to include the inferior conversions of certain JJ1 sets, given that no one in their right mind would use them over their superior counterparts anyway (see Rooster’s vs Lark’s Industrius conversions for example). While I guess this upload is at least a useful reference for people looking for JJ1 sets, it serves little purpose overall as unless you’re planning on making a level pack that uses all or most of the JJ1 sets, you’re better off using J2O’s search feature to look for the individual sets you want.

2 of 2 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by incandescentembers

18 Apr 2014, 01:11 (edited 18 Apr 14, 01:13)
CTF Bug (5 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness80%

The main purpose is to fix the alphabetization in your JCS in case if you already have a huge collection of JJ1 conversions. The thing is that most of these tilesets are actually used in some level packs / levels (NOT counting some garbage levels). If someone is a collector type (like me) and likes to keep good levels on his computer, then he pretty much HAS to have all the tilesets that the levels use (otherwise what’s the point of having the levels…?).

The reason why I keep inferior conversions is because they have unique tile placement, so you can’t upgrade them to the superior counterpart and have the levels which use that tileset still working.

Notice that in case of inferior sets that have exactely the same tile placement (andare just extended with some new tiles on previously unused spaces) are not included and I list their filenames along with the names of the upgraded versions.

Lastly, there are some cases where it is hard to decide which version is better. Most of versions have something unique, that the other ones don’t have. With the new JCS names you can easily compare them.

2 of 3 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by TreyLina

15 Apr 2014, 16:53 (edited 15 Apr 14, 16:54)
Bee Boy Swarm (45 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings27 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness62%

I’d recommend disabling ratings since nothing is actually yours.

I suppose this would be convenient for those who are looking to use JJ1 conversions which aren’t the official godawfully converted ones, though I just prefer using the search function to get the certain single conversion I want, so I don’t fill JCS with tilesets I’ll never use even more.

1 of 1 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

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