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31 May 2014 at 20:43 (Minor update on 3 Sep 2015)

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Capture the flag
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ezDaybreak.j2l Daybreak 7.46 kB 03 Sep 2015
Daybreak.j2t Daybreak 142.37 kB 28 May 2014
ezDaybreak.j2as 1.19 kB 28 May 2014
onemustfall-end.mo3 68.97 kB 26 May 2014


Okay first of all it’s a CTF level designed for 3v3s or so -sized games whereby RFs are designed to have quite a strong role in mobility (due to the numerous RF climbs that add extra routes to the map). Moreover, another focus in this level was to make powerups strong but not too strong, so that you would be encouraged to also use non-powered weapons. Intended to be played with /fireball on. Also, the level is unsymmetrical and has rather random ammo placement, but this is meant to be justified by the differences in layout on either side of the level.

Special thanks to cooba and SE for helping with some scripting/tilesetting business.

Thanks to testers and co. (Ahmad, Foly, King, Ktos, Plumbe, SE, Superjazz, TD and Treylina (and any others I may have forgotten) for playtests and/or significant feedback)

And more thanks to Treylina for finding me a music file.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.5

RecommendedMjinzO rated 8

Nice map ;)

RecommendedPurpleJazz rated 9

Incredibly fun level with a simple yet well designed layout that encourages tactical play. I especially like the overall utility of both RF and EB here. This is one of the best levels for 2vs2s/3vs3s at the moment, so downloading is thoroughly recommended.

Dragusela rated 8.5


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