Urdung Levels Castle Chapter

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Ur0x00.j2l Felkészítõ 9.13 kB 02 May 2014
Ur0x10.j2l Toronyugrás 16.24 kB 05 Jun 2014
Ur0x11.j2l Kurva Denevérek 18.94 kB 11 Jul 2014
Ur0x12.j2l Elvarázsolt Kastély 21.41 kB 30 Jul 2014
Castle2.j2t Castle 2 209.44 kB 09 May 2009
tower1b.s3m tower1b 57.91 kB 12 May 2014


I’ve been working on some levels as a gift for a specific person on youtube. My aim is to sort of “remake” the original game, meaning you start in the castle and go to the carrot fields, then the lab and so on.

So far I’ve finished the castle (3 levels + 1 tutorial level).

*Don’t use Lori.

*Don’t be surprised if you don’t understand the text. It’s random stuff in Hungarian.

*I didn’t bother much with the easy difficulty.

*Only try hard if you can play through the original game without dying and saving all the time on hard.

*In Ur0x12 you will find an arrow that points to the wall and there’s a sign post there. It says “The arrows are lying”.

I’m looking for feedback on the difficulty and how hard was it to collect all coins.


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Review by Stijn

4 Jan 2015, 14:41
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Well, that’s a flashback. The first level of this pack (that contains only text in Hungarian, so if there’s any story I’m afraid I didn’t quite get it) is an actual tutorial, much like the original game’s ‘Rabbit in Training’ level and, I’m afraid to say, equally dull. You can assume that anyone downloading levels from this site knows how the game plays, making tutorial levels fairly superficial.

Anyway, on to the actual levels. The first two are perfectly okay and do reach the goal of a making a “remake” of the original episode: they’re very reminiscent of Epic’s style, but a little bit bigger. The difficulty is also slightly higher and the levels are less linear than the original – that is, they are linear, but you’re getting warped all over the place so it’s hard to get an idea of where you are in the level.

The third level starts with a puzzle area that I didn’t care much for. There’s a lot of “okay, where am I supposed to go now?” which isn’t necessarily bad but since there are respawning enemies in the area you can’t easily jump around trying to find the hidden tunnel or trigger zone, but need to be on your toes not to bump in the same enemy all the time, which makes the whole process fairly tedious. There’s also an area later in the level where you get warped to random places by warps you can’t possible see before running into them, giving the whole puzzle a really random feel which gets annoying fast. The boss fight that follows isn’t much different from the original castle boss fight and as such not very interesting.

Overall a decent episode, but with parts that got annoying/tedious due to overzealous use of respawning enemies and warps. Always make the player feel like they’re the one in control!

Download recommended if you’d like a more challenging interpretation of the original Epic style levels.

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Review by Bloody_Body

7 Nov 2015, 12:21 (edited 7 Nov 15, 13:28)
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Well, looks like you aimed to make something similar to the original levels. However, your remake is very specifical. I’ll speak mainly about the third level as it is the most problematic in my opinion.

Firsly, the original levels always had an obvious path to follow while in your levels the search of the exit from closed areas takes 90% of the time, wich is really tiring and annoying. I even don’t want to mention that these exits’ placement is really unpredictable partially cause all the hints are in Hungarian…
Secondly, level design. It’s not bad, but still inferior to original… The platforms have ripped edges wich doesn’t look pleasant. As for the tilebugs. I was stuck into the wall when I jumped into a float-up area in 9*37 in the last level.
Thirdly, the music of the third level doesn’t sound good… It’s like playing tetris, not JJ2.

Now, to the upsides. The difficulty is OK. The placement of secrets is great! I failed to collect all the coins in each level, but mainly cause I was tired of this gameplay. I also liked how rabbit smashes the wall after he is affected by a spring.

To sum it up I’d say that the levelpack is challenging, but too tiring to get a download recommendation…

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