War on Christmas

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23 Dec 2014 at 18:39 (Major update on 30 Dec 2014)

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Primpy (More uploads by Primpy)
Capture the flag
XmasWar.zip (880.34 kB)

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XmasWar.j2l War on Christmas 2.93 kB 30 Dec 2014
Xmas2.j2t Holiday Hare 98 Night 224.48 kB 25 Oct 1998
Whare.j2b White Hare 633.13 kB 26 Oct 1998


My second map. It’s a Christmas themed CTF. The flags are behind the houses. On the blue team side there are freezers and bouncers, on the red team side there are toasters and seekers. Collect enough coins and go to the “?” warp for a surprise! There are two secret upgrades.

-Fixed most of the bad tiles
-Repaired the map a little bit

Does anyone know how to change the mask of a tile? I’d really like to know, that would fix one of the biggest issuses.

Thanks to Slaz for reviewing my map. Also, I’d like a re-review it so I may improve it even more.

Music used: whare.j2m (White Hare)
Tileset used: xmas2.j2t (Holiday Hare 98 Night)

Please vote fairly and play the map before you do. Also, please report any bug you find. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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Quick Reviews Average: 5.8

Not recommendedJelly Jam rated 4.5

EDIT 30th April 2020 – I decided to lower my rating a bit as I don’t think it’s worth a 7 by my current standards, mostly for the reasons all the other reviews with similar ratings have stated, but I’m sure Primpy wouldn’t mind as he’s made way better levels in the meantime. A good level designer’s gotta have a humble beginning I suppose. :)

RecommendedQwekz rated 5

It is a nice begginer map, even if it isn’t the best or close.

Ja22 rated 8

There are a few tilebugs, for example sometimes you can stand in the wall or you can’t jump on a spring, because there’s something over it that you can stand on.
Anyway, for a second map, it’s very good job! ;-)

[Review changed to quick review, see the review rules.

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