War of the Bunnies for Life!

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19 Feb 2015 at 18:03 (Minor update on 20 Feb 2015)

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ShadowGpW (More uploads by ShadowGpW)
Tilesets: skulg, blurred / Beta testing: millefeuille, Sir Ementaler, Ninja, Naps, VioletCLM, cooba, primpy, JetBANANA, F!re, sWooSH, Treylina, Jelly Jam, PurpleJazz, kev, skulg and GoldRabbit
ml_warbunny.zip (289.3 kB)

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ml_warbunny.txt 2.96 kB 19 Feb 2015
mlbunforlife.j2l Castle bunnies for life 16.06 kB 19 Feb 2015
mlhellsfound.j2l Hell's foundery 10.05 kB 19 Feb 2015
Castle2N.j2t Castle 2 Night 209.43 kB 29 Mar 2002
wbrg.j2t Where Bad Rabbits Go 49.07 kB 18 Oct 2002


A new Mystic Legends release: War of the Bunnies for Life!

This was sure a fun to build some new levels for Jazz Jackrabbit 2, I never thought that I would touch JCS again!
However, with JJ2+ and JDC the game is a blast. These levels been critised and tested by a lot of people, so I hope
that you find this level enjoyable and playable.

The levels have been designed in a classic Epic battle design, no fancy scripts or weird stuff going on. Eyecandy is there
but not to distracting. No custom music, purely for the fact that it is extremely annoying not hearing any music during
an JDC/Bash event. Turn on the music download server admins! ;)

Please play it with JazzJackrabbit 2+ enabled, it makes these maps so much more fun.

Thank you for bringing me back JDC. More levels and tilesets under the banner of Mystic Legends are upcoming!

Yes, also an ODT map.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.2

Toni_ rated 8.2

Castle bunnies for life – This level has good gameplay, I like the concept and theme but I dislike the ammo placement and that you don’t have ceiling. It could be buggy sometimes. I give it 7.7

Hell’s foundery – Better level than castle, but again you don’t have ceiling. I give it 8.7.

Average rate is 8.2

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