Desert Serpent

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19 Feb 2015 at 20:04 (Minor update on 19 Feb 2015)

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Toni_ (More uploads by Toni_)
PurpleJazz, Cell, Sperry, Shaker, OutbreakEDM
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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xlmdesertserpent.j2l Desert Serpent 6.15 kB 19 Feb 2015
CasMINE.j2t CasUaLTy [MINE] 220.75 kB 15 Feb 2015
Outbreak Medieval Jam.mp3 Medieval Jam (Outbreak MiniRemix) 4618.12 kB 18 Feb 2015
xlmdesertserpent.j2as 0.29 kB 18 Feb 2015


This is my entry for the PJ’s ODT level contest.

This is a small-medium sized level made for up to 6 players. This level works good both in duels and in 2v2s (team battle).

3 carrots +1 health placed: bottom left, top middle, top right.
2 PowerUps placed: Bouncer bottom right, Toaster top left
Fire Shield: there’s a 20 coins warp on top middle platform that leads to a shield that lasts for 15 seconds.
1 Gold Coin placed above the copter on middle. It’s an open space so you could get hit from everywhere. Risky if you camp there.
9 Silver Coins carefully placed around the level to make it balanced and not campy.
Fruits spawning faster than normal. You need 50 of them for Sugar Rush.

I was trying to make this level balanced and not campy like some battle levels are. Background and eyecandy are rushed because I got no time to work on it, but it doesn’t matter, since only gameplay matters. There’s a dead end at copter if you come from bottom. I made it on purpose so you’d have to challenge a player there while waiting for copter to spawn (3 seconds – quite a lot if you’re trying to escape from there). It’s possible to walljump there, too, but it’s a little bit risky if you fail. It’s possible to RF climb from the middle platform to the upper one at gold coin with both Spaz and Jazz (harder with jazz, tho). The warp that leads out of the shield box has 3 warp targets, making it harder to predict a play by shield user.

Big thanks to PurpleJazz for making the AngelScript for shield being not hittable and copter lasting for only 2 seconds when taken. I’d like to thank to Shaker for suggesting the coin warp to the shield; Cell and Sperry for testing it in a duel, especially Cell since he is the one of few Jazz players out there. I edited some spots so it could be available for Jazz to climb easier, and be balanced for all 3 characters (Cell’s suggestions and reports). Also I added a wall at gold coin and it’s again Cell’s suggestion. Thanks to OutbreakEDM for letting me using his remix of Medieval! Thanks to everyone I forgot to mention, who were testing this in my server, who gave me suggestions and reported bugs.

NOTE: This level uses pepper instead of fireball by default. There are only pepper and RF (long range guns) with which you can ‘‘hunt’‘ your enemy when running behind him.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8

RecommendedJelly Jam rated 8

EDIT 30th April 2020 – Originally I gave this a 9, but after spending years of playing various quality battle levels, this one is probably not as good as others of the same rating. It’s still a very good battle level definitely – eyecandy is OK and the layout is good. Though the music choice is not my cup of tea.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.1

RecommendedReview by Anubis

19 Feb 2015, 22:26
Bee Boy Swarm (33 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings21 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness71%

The level plays well, much of the gameplay is concentrated around timing the three carrots, which can all be shot further down to make things more tactical. Just as the author intended, it’s not campy at all, the only place where I would think of camping is the right-most area because of the stairs and the proximity to the bouncer PU and one of the carrots.
There isn’t really time to pay attention to the coins, so sometimes you end up randomly walking through the coin warp and taking the shield. The warp also works nicely as an escape route in the biggest open area of the map.

Eyecandy looks nice despite being rushed, interesting decorations inside the walls. Overall the level is worth trying for a duel or teambattle 2vs2.

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