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Slaz (More uploads by Slaz)
Violet for scripting help, Treylina for hosting the contest.
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Stargazer.j2l Stargazer 5.80 kB 27 May 2015
Stargazer.j2t Stargazer 46.21 kB 12 May 2015
flying.xm Flying high... 897.34 kB 26 Mar 2014
Stargazer.j2as 0.64 kB 24 May 2015


This is my entry for Treylina’s Small Tileset Contest on the JCF. It’s accompanied by a fast-paced battle level. The theme here is pretty random, just imagine a weird planet with purple luminous growth and a clear starry sky. I know there are some inefficiencies such as a few look-alike tiles and tiles that are unclear to what purpose they could serve. And maybe the choice of having 3 different ground types wasn’t best for a small tileset. Oh well, at least there’s enough choice to make the environment look varied now! The stones are actually downscaled photographs, the rest is hand drawn, with only the shadows for the ground tiles being made in an alpha layer.

FUN FACT: Both the tileset and level were almost entirely made on a Chromebook (Samsung Series 2) using Pixlr Editor by Autodesk and WebJCS by DJazz. Only the palette application, finishing touches for the level, and level testing were done using my Windows PC. In a way this could serve as a proof-of-concept as to how evolved the web has become as a development platform!

P.S. For reviewers, please consider reviewing the tileset and level as a single entity. Since most tilesets (and especially smaller ones) aren’t used by other people than the original author, the whole thing gets kind of woven together as a single experience. And as such I believe it isn’t an inappropriate practice.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8

RecommendedXxMoNsTeRXM rated 10

The tileset has a space/night theme. All tiles match to the theme. Even with the limited amounts of tiles (150 tiles), you still managed to make an awesome tileset! Good job! :)

Seren rated 6

This tileset is functionally sound but not really attractive. The 3 types of ground all look very similar, and everything has a somewhat generic, unrecognizable texture. One could say it’s possible to tell what things are meant to be thanks to their shape, but not what they’re made of. Other than that, it’s just not a very interesting set.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.5

RecommendedReview by SaVn

10 Sep 2015, 00:11 (edited 11 Sep 15, 10:08)
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness10%

Wow! This tileset is awesome, the art work I appreciate it very much!
The textured background is not there,There are blocks, hooks, vines and spikes,
also J2VF Logo!
The masks are fine, except vertical tree trunks (putting in layer 3 is fine).
Example level is battle, layout is better.
Overall ,I liked the pinball area ,the music you have chosen will fit into this theme. I dont rate the example level.
Good job!

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