gsaurus lost levels

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6 Jun 2015 at 11:04 (Minor update on 14 Jun 2015)

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gsaurus (More uploads by gsaurus)
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1 bonus.j2l Cenora perdida 5.77 kB 10 Jun 2015
1 Lost level.j2l Lost Levels 8.84 kB 10 Jun 2015
10 bonus.j2l Garbulas 5.62 kB 10 Jun 2015
10 Boss level.j2l Fim da tempestade 6.02 kB 10 Jun 2015
10 Lost level.j2l Castelo assombrado 12.74 kB 10 Jun 2015
11 bonus.j2l Saltitar pelo gelo 3.14 kB 10 Jun 2015
11 Boss level.j2l Descida aos infernos 16.89 kB 10 Jun 2015
11 Lost level.j2l Montanha fria 11.11 kB 10 Jun 2015
12 bonus.j2l Cachorros quentes 5.81 kB 10 Jun 2015
12 Boss Level.j2l Túnel da morte! 6.00 kB 10 Jun 2015
12 Devil Devan.j2l DEVAN 2.62 kB 11 Sep 2003
12 Lost level.j2l Camara magmática 11.15 kB 10 Jun 2015
2 bonus.j2l Castelo em obras 8.56 kB 10 Jun 2015
2 Boss level.j2l Rainha do Castelo 6.93 kB 10 Jun 2015
2 Lost level.j2l Castelo 12.83 kB 10 Jun 2015
3 bonus.j2l Esgoto luminozo 6.13 kB 10 Jun 2015
3 Lost level.j2l Cidade 9.98 kB 10 Jun 2015
4 bonus.j2l Sala nº 10 9.04 kB 10 Jun 2015
4 Boss level.j2l Guarda do Laboratório 6.17 kB 10 Jun 2015
4 Lost level.j2l Laboratório Secreto 13.43 kB 10 Jun 2015
5 bonus.j2l Pimball 6.98 kB 10 Jun 2015
5 Lost level.j2l Fábrica energética 11.08 kB 10 Jun 2015
6 bonus.j2l Alcolicos desesperados! 4.24 kB 10 Jun 2015
6 Boss level.j2l Fabrico de Bad-Guys 6.51 kB 10 Jun 2015
6 Lost level.j2l Alcolicos anónimos! 6.37 kB 10 Jun 2015
7 bonus.j2l Labirinto aquático!! 5.26 kB 10 Jun 2015
7 Lost level.j2l Praia à noite 10.49 kB 10 Jun 2015
8 bonus.j2l Limonada picante 5.94 kB 10 Jun 2015
8 Boss level.j2l Extracção nocturna 8.65 kB 10 Jun 2015
8 Lost level.j2l Extracção de diamantes 9.54 kB 10 Jun 2015
9 bonus.j2l Avalanche 5.78 kB 10 Jun 2015
9 Lost level.j2l Selva 11.74 kB 10 Jun 2015


A pack of levels that I did when I was a kid – summer 2003 I think.
Texts in portuguese.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.2

RecommendedForthRightMC rated 9.2

I think these levels are some good, with the amnesia error fixed in new JJ2+, I can play them without errors. 9.2/10 is perfect.

Download recommended

By the way, I’m translating text of levels to english using Google Translator.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 7.35

Review by Bloody_Body

6 Jun 2015, 21:21 (edited 7 Jun 15, 08:20)
Bee Boy Swarm (36 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings32 Featured reviews1 Average helpfulness93%

I love single player levels! However, this pack is a bit… surprising. Levels use original tilesets but the way you used them and the gameplay itself are pretty original and sometimes confusing. Woven chains in the castle, enemies and pickups falling from the tubes in tubelectric, moving gargoyles in bonus-medivo, freezing pickups in hell, areas where you fall down and avoid baddies, tonns of explosives that blow up countless crates with goodies, great number of warps and frog/bird morphers… It’s difficult to describe everything! I’ll try to sum up pros and cons of this pack.


+ Original gameplay. All the situations I’ve described earlier.
+ Boss levels, bonus levels and music used in bonus levels remind of JJ1.
+ Some bonus levels are really cool!
+ All the bosses included, and it’s unpredictable wich boss you will face it each boss level.
+ Appropriate special effects like smoke above the fire at the bottom of hell, where you fight Utherus.


- The main problem deals with language and unrecognized symbols. All the hints are in Portuguese, I don’t think there are much people who know this language.The biggest irritation is the symbol “§” in the name of each level- my computer simply changes it to one symbol if it is in a name of a file, or to some another symbol if in the name of next level in JCS. Thus the game crushes every time I finish a level. There are many files to rename :(((
I’m sure I’m not the only who faced this problem.
-Levels aren’t very tidy, lots of bad tiles. Eyecandy suffers a lot.
-Some bonus levels are big and challenging, but some can be finished in a minute.
-Probably too much of useless goodies, I mainly mean gems and sometimes fastfeet. Bonus levels provide you with them, but they don’t give you anything except extra points.
-JCS flaws, for example “12§ Lost level” causes amnesia error, “12§ Devil Devan” doesn’t have any music.


The idea was amazing and original but realisation isn’t so good. However, the fact that you’ve made all these levels when you were a kid deserves respect.

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RecommendedReview by abgrenv

2 Feb 2023, 17:56
Bee Boy Swarm (37 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings37 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness85%

This is one really big pack I have to say. The fact that you came up with it in a single summer, and as a KID!! Pretty impressive.

Like Bloody_Body said, levels are really unique. There are some tradiotional as far as layout and gameplay goes. You can’t really go wrong with those if they are competently made, which these are. Then there are the gimmick levels, 2 of them involve dropping through the whole level trying to get pickups and avoiding spiked balls and level hazards, I think the second one is better, since it’s shorter, the first level that’s like this goes on for a bit too long, also the lighting and arrows made up of destructuble blocks guide you away from harm, which is neat. Other gimmicks involve teleporting back and forth until you unlock the intended path. There’s even one that serves as a "credits roll" level, where you go in a straight line, picking up all the ammo types you’ve encountered during the pack, then you teleport and continue on foot doing the same with the enemies you’ve encountered during pack, I think it should have been after the final boss (unless I’m misunderstanding it as a concept)

My issues are pretty similar to the other review, mainly that texts aren’t in english, so most people will not understand, which is pretty bad if the texts are actually hints helping the players progress.

Some of the gimmick levels can outstay their welcome (the teleporty ones in particular)

Tilebugs, I normally don’t notice them, but here there were some pretty obvious ones. It’s most noticable on Carrottus, Hell and Damn levels.

Still this is a rather unique take on level design, especially considering if this was uploaded when it was created, I’m pretty sure it would have caught a lot of attention. Especially considering that you were a kid when you made these. It’s impressive, download recommended.

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