Hard boss challenge (custom bosses)

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28 Jul 2015 at 20:47 (Major update on 22 Sep 2015)

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SmokeNC (More uploads by SmokeNC)
Single player
Me, lol (And music composers and tileset maker)
TSF+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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bosschallenge1.j2l Poor little Bubba 3.50 kB 29 Jul 2015
bosschallenge10.j2l Don't get dizzy! 3.63 kB 29 Jul 2015
bosschallenge11.j2l Spooky! 3.62 kB 29 Jul 2015
bosschallenge12.j2l The final battle! 4.01 kB 22 Sep 2015
bosschallenge2.j2l Bolly the bully 3.51 kB 29 Jul 2015
bosschallenge3.j2l Play time is over 3.52 kB 29 Jul 2015
bosschallenge4.j2l The crab guy 3.51 kB 29 Jul 2015
bosschallenge5.j2l 2 and 4 equals 5 3.59 kB 29 Jul 2015
bosschallenge6.j2l Fat screaming queen 3.67 kB 01 Sep 2015
bosschallenge7.j2l Crab guy got his squad 3.59 kB 20 Sep 2015
bosschallenge8.j2l Dodging is the key 3.78 kB 22 Sep 2015
bosschallenge9.j2l Test or boss? 3.83 kB 29 Jul 2015
theendstage.j2l The end 2.60 kB 29 Jul 2015
ClawSet1.j2t Claw Set 1 114.25 kB 25 Feb 2000
sk_lavareef.it Lava Reef 322.31 kB 26 Jul 2003
bubblecrab.XM 382.24 kB 22 Jul 2015
castle4.xm 597.40 kB 22 Jul 2015
claw6.xm claw6 762.84 kB 21 Jul 2000
cv4-cv1.xm Castlevania 4: CV-1 182.16 kB 22 Jul 2015
megax.xm Megaman X beginning 584.22 kB 22 Jul 2015
megaxse.xm megamanX storm eagle 502.15 kB 22 Jul 2015
pd-cvk.xm Vampire Killer 20.53 kB 22 Jul 2015
vampire killer.xm Vampire Killer 20.53 kB 22 Jul 2015
mmx1battle.mod MMX1 Battle Theme 98.93 kB 10 Oct 1998
mushroomX.mod untitled 505.24 kB 22 Jul 2015
illusionarydance.mp3 378.47 kB 28 Jul 2015
sigma1x2.mp3 205.21 kB 22 Jul 2015
SigmaFinal.mp3 273.98 kB 28 Jul 2015
soulblze.mp3 719.70 kB 22 Jul 2015
bosschallenge1.j2as 0.10 kB 29 Jul 2015
bosschallenge10.j2as 0.21 kB 15 Sep 2015
bosschallenge11.j2as 2.04 kB 29 Jul 2015
bosschallenge12.j2as 2.40 kB 15 Sep 2015
bosschallenge3.j2as 0.10 kB 29 Jul 2015
bosschallenge4.j2as 0.10 kB 29 Jul 2015
bosschallenge5.j2as 0.10 kB 29 Jul 2015
bosschallenge6.j2as 0.49 kB 01 Sep 2015
bosschallenge7.j2as 0.38 kB 20 Sep 2015
bosschallenge8.j2as 0.39 kB 20 Sep 2015
bosschallenge9.j2as 0.65 kB 29 Jul 2015


Hello, first of all, you need the latest plus version to play the levels. This boss rush contains 12 bosses custom made and some using basic angelscript coding, providing far bigger challenge than the normal bosses in JJ2. Obviously I’ve managed to defeat them myself so there’s no cheap unkillable bosses in this challenge. Sometimes the boss bar will be full because its showing other bosses’ HP, the bosses take damage normally and its fine, they will die once killed.
The tileset is from the game Captain Claw, converted by Steven Wakeman.
The bosses were designed for medium difficulty,I did not test the bosses in hard mode.
Boss ratings:
Feedback would be truly appreciated as this is my first upload on this site :)

1.Improved boss 6 into something cooler :) as the raven was basically useless after the queen gets pushed away some distance
2.reworked boss 8 into rocket turtle, the robot was just simply way too easy lol
3.changed boss 7 into another variation of uterus
4.now you get a blaster upgrade instead of weapon 8 at boss 12 (final boss) after some time while fighting the boss, also changed the endtext


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RecommendedForthRightMC rated 10

I really like this custom boss rush. I also added Ozymandius weapon AngelScript code, ammo set to 9999, so I can easily beat these bosses, changed the tileset of boss 12 into Odyssey 01, also used texture background and changed the boss from Ghost Devan to Ghost Jazz Clone, it was really mortal challenge, I removed Tuf Bosses in the final battle so I can fight only the ghost clone. You could insert this Ghost Jazz Clone in the next update, and change some of the texts.

I really recommend everybody to download this, and of course, I really like these type of boss rushes!

[Review changed to quick review because you had nothing to say about the upload, see the review rules.

Not recommendedPurpleJazz rated 1.2

Placing schwartzenguards outside the boss arena in order to make a boss more difficult in the era of AngelScript is just unacceptable. Almost no actual thought went into these boss fights, with the author just throwing in as many hazards as possible into each arena. Download this only if you prefer “cheap” difficulty over genuine challenge.

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Review by DennisKainz

18 Dec 2015, 10:04
Bee Boy Swarm (25 Points)
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“void yolo” … made me laugh

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