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30 Sep 2015 at 05:11 (Minor update on 30 Sep 2015)

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BoxlessBR.mut Boxless Bank Robbery 8.30 kB 30 Sep 2015


A mutator to make Bank Robbery levels run more smoothly instead of relying on clunky sucker tubes and boxes of team-specific trigger scenery around the coins. Only works with BR levels expecting exactly two teams, blue and red… which is to say, all of them.

  • Gold coins belonging to your team appear as translucent and colored with your team’s color; gold coins belonging to the other team appear fully opaque and use their color instead. (Silver coins are still drawn as silver, to emphasize their being worth less—however, they are used in only one BR level that I know of.)
  • Regardless of color, translucent coins cannot be picked up, only opaque ones.
  • Because you cannot pick up your own coins, the trigger scenery boxes are redundant and are therefore removed; players of either team can move in front of or shoot down coin events, but the defenders will not be able to pick up theirs.
  • (Other trigger scenery events—in particular, those sealing the opposing team out of your base area—are still present.)
  • Systems of coin warps and sucker tubes are replaced with a single tile that scores the full number of points for your coin total (and subtracts from your coin total accordingly) all at once. In levels where the location of this tile is not clearly marked, it will be marked by a ring of rotating silver coins. (The numbers of coins required for each successive point are determined from the event map, not hardcoded.)
  • In the top left corner of your screen, under the team scores, you get a live preview of how many coins you’re carrying and how many points they’ll be worth if you get them back to your base. Each time a score is made, the details will be announced to the server as well.
  • No coins at all may be picked up while the game is stopped or in pregame.

This mutator works with nearly every Bank Robbery level known to exist: jdcbra through jdcbre, mincapbr1 through mincrapbr5, xlmm3br01, and twgb. It partially affects brgauntlet, should have no effect on forestwheel, and should not be used with tp2001 ctf00 or tp2001 ctf01 because of their nonstandard design. Since the effects of this mutator are based on the event map and object list, it should be possible to design later BR levels using existing design patterns—boxes of trigger scenery around gold coins, and coin warps/sucker tubes—and have this mutator work with those too.

Reuploaded to prevent “index out of bounds” errors when the mutator was enabled in unrelated levels.


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RecommendedSaVn rated 10

This murator is aivable only for Bank Robbery levels,
There are colored coins for each team, and coins in the shape of a circle that give a score.
Good Job! I like this.
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