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13 Jul 2016 at 03:22

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Hanif Nugroho (More uploads by Hanif Nugroho)
Single player
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MH01_APL.j2l Apple Surprise 13.91 kB 13 Jul 2016


Each time you find apples, you have to be careful!


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RecommendedReview by AvalancheMaster

26 Jul 2016, 10:55 (edited 26 Jul 16, 10:57)
CTF Bug (6 Points)
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Woah! Three single-player levels in a row! As one of the last few rabbits who play single player elusively, I am thrilled to see there is somebody who’s still willing to make levels for us. Although Apple Surprise is far of the quality of some of the single-player packs on J20, the sheer fact that it exists means it deserves a review.


Apple Surprise is based on a quite simple but interesting premise—every time you encounter an apple in the level, something dangerous lurks near. Most of the times the ground beneath your feet is about to collapse, although sometimes the apple warns you the next few steps you make might inevitably hurt you. Since this is a single level only, I cannot judge it like an episode; still, the apple-danger theme runs consistent throughout the level, and makes the experience coherent.



It is 2016 and there are plenty of great tilesets and tileset conversions on J2O. Of all the original tilesets, Carrotus is the one I feel most overused to the point where it’s boring to play it. This might be a personal preference of mine, but I still feel it is best to encourage the use of other tilesets. There were also quite a lot tilebugs throughout the level, although nothing experience-breaking. Most of the times, the eyecandy felt dull and repetitive; in my book this is unavoidable due to the use of classic Carrotus tileset.

Using a tileset conversion of Carrotus would raise the score in this category.



The level utilises a lot of warp points, and uses them well, even better than some of the great levels on J2O. However, at times I felt lost and disoriented, and simple instructions might have improved my experience. If the author intended those moments to be like “puzzles” of sort, the implementation wasn’t great—those moments didn’t make me think, but jump around rapidly, trying to find the secret “hidden passage” to the next part of the level.

I also had to replay the level once for what I assume was a triggering mistake; I might’ve missed a required step to which I couldn’t go back, and thus I couldn’t move forward as well. However, this might have been due to a mistake on my end, so I won’t take points for this.



Hanif went for a strictly vanilla gameplay, which still has unexpected twists and turns. The difficulty isn’t too high and the level is suitable for somebody who hasn’t played in years, or with very little experience in the game. Still, the game play is quite enjoyable, even when accounting for all the flaws. Might be the fact that there are not many new single-player levels, yet still I found myself entertained at the end, and even glad I downloaded this level.



There is no AS for this level. It’s not required for every level to implement JJ2+ functionality, but I believe this level can greatly benefit from some scripting, even if it is used only for eyecandy enhancement.



Every new single player level deserves at least +1 point for just existing, and this level is good enough to get a second one! So here it goes, 2 bonus points for still making levels for us, single player rabbits! Thank you!



While Apple Surprise is far from perfect, if you enjoy playing single-player levels, I suggest you download it and try it out. It might disappoint you, but it is far from awful, and it presents some new thematic ideas which I haven’t seen in another single-player level.

6.5/10 (26/40)

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