Looking for answers - part 2

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30 Dec 2016 at 15:13 (Minor update on 27 Mar 2017)

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A.I.T. (More uploads by A.I.T.)
Single player
DennisKainz, for the constructive criticism on the first part

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Lapin 10 -.j2l Hurrying to Leningorod 1.70 kB 06 Oct 2016
Lapin 10.j2l Psychosis 106.76 kB 17 Oct 2016
Lapin 11.j2l Hydraulic disaster 57.26 kB 30 Nov 2016
Lapin 12.j2l Blighted fields 10.84 kB 26 Dec 2016
Lapin 5.j2l Origin of life 79.13 kB 30 Dec 2016
Lapin 6 -.j2l To the East 1.68 kB 26 Jun 2015
Lapin 6.j2l Catacombs 29.18 kB 23 Sep 2016
Lapin 7.j2l Forest fire 65.56 kB 15 Jul 2016
Lapin 8.j2l Vladivostok 86.57 kB 27 Mar 2017
Lapin 9.j2l Soviet observers' bunker 4.38 kB 04 Jul 2016
- mapa grande -.j2t - mapa grande - 40.53 kB 29 Sep 2011
A_CarrFIXmn.j2t A_Carrotus_FIX_Midnight 228.92 kB 02 Jan 2007
Dreary Diamondus.j2t Dreary Diamondus 206.48 kB 19 Jan 2002
Fortress.j2t Fortress of Forgotten Souls 135.31 kB 21 Jan 2008
Grotte Communiste.j2t Grotte Communiste 80.60 kB 14 Feb 2014
New Diamondus 4.j2t New Diamondus 4 274.67 kB 30 Oct 2008
xlmbeach3.j2t Beach + Tropical 235.27 kB 01 Jan 2007
xlmbeach6.j2t Beach + Evil 235.67 kB 05 Aug 2008
a_magic_world.xm ---A Magic World---- 887.60 kB 13 Sep 2004
cosmic_outflow_2.xm Cosmic outflow 2_ 751.29 kB 13 Sep 2004
ds_myst.xm Mysterius Times 1670.26 kB 21 Dec 2002
furelise.xm Fur Elise 99.73 kB 08 Sep 2003
mad_hatter_-_orbit.xm ORBIT @K.Foster1997 1801.47 kB 15 Jun 2016
midnight_fires.xm Midnight Fires 151.14 kB 22 Aug 2005
poisoned_sun.xm Poisoned Sun 61.20 kB 22 Sep 2016
a_magic_touch.mod a magic touch 107.43 kB 24 Jan 2007
a_magi~1.mod a magic touch 107.43 kB 03 Apr 1996
M16A.MOD 241.34 kB 11 Sep 1998
impulse.s3m Impulse 973.09 kB 14 Sep 2011
UN_Chizra.s3m Chizra 412.33 kB 09 Mar 2007


The continuation of my previously uploaded level pack “Looking for answers – part 1”. The last level of the first part has been re-uploaded as the first one for this pack to connect with the rest of the levels (for those who would like to play both parts as one episode). A sequel of this, in the form of a stand-alone episode, requiring JJ2 plus, is already in development.
1. These levels might not be possible to complete with Lori.
2. The game is to be saved only in levels that tell you it’s possible to do so.
3. These levels might be unplayable with JJ2 plus.
Edit: A music file for “Vladivostok” has been added and the respective level’s soundtrack has been changed to that.


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Quick Reviews Average: 8.3

RecommendedForthRightMC rated 10.0

As I checked on my JCS, the music in Vladivostok has mistaken format, instead of mod is xm. By the way, this episode is perfect. 10 10 hype

By the way, the blighted fields level and the clearings of evaporation level from part 1 are more playable with texture background.

Not recommendedPurpleJazz rated 6.5

More frustrating than fun. I enjoy a good challenge but I found the majority of these levels too much of a slog to push through. There’s definitely some potential here though; don’t give up!

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Not recommendedReview by Violet CLM

15 Jan 2017, 01:46
I might as well work here (531 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings280 Featured reviews25 Average helpfulness90%

Looking for answers has an unfortunately accurate title, for that’s exactly what i found myself doing the whole time I tried to play it. In all honesty, I could not finish a single level, because I would inevitably find myself in one or more places where I simply could not figure out what (if anything) I was supposed to do next. In many cases, when I did make some kind of progress I wasn’t even sure whether it was intentional or whether I had happened upon some sort of bug in the level design. Walls appear and disappear without warning, trigger crates do not have clear effects, immense spike pits or ctf death pits abound, and layers move at bizarre speeds to complement sometimes empty-looking layer 4s. Huge airspaces are filled with countless ghosts, ravens, bees, dragonflies, and pacman ghosts. More of those enemies lurk under the ground behind layer 3, meaning you can’t even plan for challenges in advance. In one place massive quantities of completely invisible wind, combined with non-regenerating cheshire2s, make an ascent all but impossible. Another area fills the screen with so many smoke rings that the fruit platforms you’re supposed to ride have trouble even spawning. Water levels change according to inscrutable rules in front of the ugliest tileset you’ll see. Nothing seems passable unless you made the level/s and therefore already know where all the traps are and which random/secret routes you’re supposed to take.

There are glimmers of good levels shining through, like a section in the first level where you jump from one alternatingly masked and unmasked series of blocks to another to avoid landing on spikes below. Everything is clearly technically proficient and done with a purpose. It’s just that that purpose feels completely unfathomable.

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