Ruins of the futuristic temple

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31 Dec 2016 at 23:08 (Minor update on 18 Feb 2019)

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Jelly Jam (More uploads by Jelly Jam)
Music from the video game Pocket Tanks
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
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Jellybattle2.j2l Ruins of the futuristic temple 19.87 kB 01 Mar 2017
Jellybattle2original.j2l Ruins of the futuristic temple 19.84 kB 31 Dec 2016
ingame.IT Pocket Tanks (ingame) 272.21 kB 24 Aug 2001
Jellybattle2.j2as 0.27 kB 01 Mar 2017


My both first and last release in 2016. Made for Treylina’s contest, though maybe I’m too late.
But it’s okay, it was fun to make anyway.
Happy new year!

Also this is plus only. It crashes in vanilla JJ2 because this level was originally made in Labrat1, and I changed it to Labrat1n in the last minute because I thought it looked better. It crashes since the sets don’t have the same ammount of tiles. Either way, everyone should use JJ2+, so I hope it’s not a big deal.

EDIT 2, 20th of January

Just a small visual fix, at position 21,70. The pink tile is gone. I thought I fixed it before the level was released.

EDIT 3, 6th of February

I got stuck at 45,65 or something like that, either way, it’s the one-way below the barrels. I fixed it.

Oh and this is a bit major: changed the pallete, so the colors aren’t that annoying anymore, which is why I also made fade color darker. Oh and the textured BG is now still.

And since i changed the pallete, i returned the level to its original tileset, making this playable in vanilla TSF as well, though with JJ2+ it’s a lot prettier.

EDIT 4, 8th February

Edited tiles etc.
Also included the original upload, made for Treylina’s contest, but rate only the latest one, since it’s better. Another update soon.

FINAL EDIT, 11th of February

This is hopefully the last one. Added 3 more carrots, making a total of 6. Now every area should have something a player would want to grab or use.

REAL FINAL EDIT, 1st of March

Okay I fixed the one way at 16,45 or blahblah I forgot. Let me know if it’s possible to get stuck anywhere else. Also the spawn times in the latest version are the just like the original.


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Quick Reviews Average: 7.7

SmokeNC rated 7.7

good battle map overall, nice use of the eyecandy and background

RecommendedpENDRAG rated N/A



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